What is Inspired Living ?

Inspired Living Coaching
(aka Life'sWork Coaching)
Life’sWork Coaching is an invitation to practice INTENTION, ATTENTION, and ACTION in whatever activities occupy your daily living. Whether your current life’s work is what you’ve always dreamed of or you’re stuck in a place and not even sure how you got there, Life’sWork Coaching is an invitation to have a powerful and purposeful conversation about what life is presenting at this time and how you want to show up for it. Life’sWork Coaching is an interactive, collaborative experience designed to support living in alignment, cultivating joy, and finding passion and purpose. Let Life’sWork coaching help you rediscover balance and joy in your life’s work!
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Begin Again!
Consider the possibilities!

Make a commitment to your personal growth and cultivate a deeper understanding of Inspired Living and self-care. Begin Again includes THREE personal sessions to assess your current Inspiration levels, develop a strategy, and set a course for what ever is next in your life's work.
Growth for Shift!

Shift is a process that takes time and effort.

 Growth for Shift Coaching package includes 12 personal coaching sessions for use according to your Growth needs and schedule. Use weekly for more support, monthly for accountability and re-alignment. Unlimited email support and access to Yoga Living digital program in the Inspired! app.
(Package expires after 365 days) 

Who is Inspired Living for?
1) Yoga enthusiasts (new or seasoned!) who want to deepen their practice and explore yoga principles for real life.
2) Yoga practitioners who are ready to take their practice off the mat and into their world… of work, life, family, and more.
3) Wellness practitioners and Yoga teachers who strive to build a personal brand and business (for profit or in service) sharing their unique style of supported, wellness modalities.
Why work with Kimberlyn?

Beyond qualifications and certifications, the essence of effective coaching and mentoring rest in the quality of connection between you and your guide. Before committing to ANY  program or curriculum, interview your potential coach. Learn about their coaching style and philosophy. Choose someone who aligns with who you want to be and how you want to live. THREE key qualifications that distinguish Kimberlyn from other life coaches include:

1) Successful independent business owner of 20+ years, and a Doctor of Management and Organizational Leadership. Kimberlyn has built multiple business rooted in service and self-care for other organizations in addition to three of her own making.

2) Professional educator with Masters Degree in Educational Leadership and 40 years of teaching and training students of all ages from 3 to 93! Kimberlyn’s academic specialty in Leadership enhances her skill in developing the leadership qualities of her students through skill building, introspection, and practice.

3) Compassionate accountability guide. It’s your life. It’s your practice. Whether you need to be encouraged or challenged, affirmed or adjusted Kimberlyn has a rich and seasoned personal practice of supporting others in becoming their best selves! Kimberlyn’s coaching is rooted in Transparent Alignment, Adult Learning Theory and the practice of Yoga as a customizable practice of intentional, compassionate self-care for living well.

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