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Inspired Living Boot Camp

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Inspired Living isn’t an accident, It’s a practice!

Inspired Living Boot Camp is my signature program in which I share the secrets I’ve discovered for living yoga beyond the mat. Inspired Living is a program to help you

  • (re)discover passion & purpose,
  • (re)claim focus and direction and
  • (re)kindle hopes and dreams.

Inspired Living Boot Camp is a cumulative program (including 20/20 Vision & ONPurpose Living). It’s a deep dive into transforming the way you show up for life by integrating the principles and practices of yoga. It’s a program to teach the practices of Inspired Living and support the transformational journey of becoming your best self. Inspired Living Boot Camp will enable you live a life you love by creating it with a proven strategy!

Want to LIVE an INSPIRED Life?

Are you ready to…

Rediscover passion & purpose

Reclaim focus & direction

Rekindle hopes & dreams

Here’s what’s inside the Inspired Living Boot Camp

Inspired Living Boot Camp is a 6-week program that starts on January 13th, 2020. You’ll get:

  • Access to a private membership site which will have training videos, worksheets and homework
  • Access to our Private Facebook group
  • Daily inspirational emails
  • 6 weekly Group Coaching Circle sessions
  • 6 Facebook Live Coach Chat sessions
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Week 1: It’s ALL Yoga

  • Yoga as a Daily Practice: Weigh the (overwhelming) benefits of a personal daily practice.
  • Adult Learning Theory: Discover the challenges to learning a new practice…and how to overcome them.
  • Inspirational Living: Learn practical skills and strategies to live authentically, intentionally and open to transformation as a means to fuel your INSPIRATION pipeline.
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Week 2: Foundations of Inspirational Living: Transparent Alignment

  • Craft a Personal Life Philosophy: Discover what it actually means to be a yogi in the modern age.
  • Pancha Koshas & Transparent Alignment: Deconstruct ancient teachings to find practical, modern day applications of Yoga Philosophy.
  • Intro to Yoga Philosophy: Familiarize yourself with the essentials of yoga philosophy in a completely digestible and applicable way.
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Week 3: Rediscover INTENTION

  • Value Clarification: Reframe and clarify your values and priorities from a perspective of what matters most.
  • Strategy for Inspirational Living: Not sure who you want to be in this world? Or where to begin? Problem solved.
  • Dharma & Ikigai: Explore and consider personal assessment tools to reveal possible themes for identifying your Life’sWork.
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Week 4: Reclaim focus and ATTENTION

  • Embrace Shame Resilience: Liberate yourself from past wounds/stories and negative self-talk! Break free from “should have”, “could have”, & “would haves”! Shame, obligation & duty have no place in INSPIRATIONAL LIVING.
  • Overcoming Obstacles: Identify hurdles and obstacles that impede clear focus & attention, and how to overcome them.
  • “Reframe from Love”: Redefine the “rules” of contribution and expectations from those who have earned the right to share our space.
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Module 5: Revive hope through ACTION

  • Building Tapas: Discover ways to practice intention through even the smallest of daily actions (& inactions) and learn how meditation and asana practice sets the tone for your day. (email).
  • Begin Again and Again Establish a daily connection with yourself for reflection and assessment of intention and execution of action.
  • Power Statement: Craft a simple, clear and empowering statement for your life’s purpose.
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Week 6: Now What? What’s next in the Journey of Inspirational Living?

  • Practice and repeat. Show up! Discover where and when you really show up in your truth. The more consistent you practice, the more agile you will be in responding to demands and challenges.
  • Awaken the Witness: Relearn the language of the body, listen to the messages it “speaks” and access your inner Witness.
  • Sculpt a Sankalpa: Craft a plan for what’s next. Identify key resources for accountability and compassionate coaching to help you navigate when to stay the course and when to tack.

Your life is a work in practice…

What are you practicing?