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30-day Challenge to Build Daily Practice

Build Your Personal Practice

It’s TIME!

What does it mean to have a “Personal Practice”?

A personal practice is the perfect compliment to group practice in a studio or virtual teaching. A personal practice is consistent engagement in daily habits that enhance your living. It’s a commitment to engaging in your personal experience and a way to ignite intimate dialog between your body, mind and spirit through the practices of yoga.

A daily practice not only helps set the tone for our day, it literally helps us breathe deeply, move freely, labor lovingly and live vibrantly.


pink orchids on tree branch

Learning to adjust and adapt your daily practice to wisely reflect and honor the varying needs of your body and mind is a practice in itself.

We call it TAPAS.

Yoga isn’t about getting better at postures,
its about getting better at living!
It’s a practice!

Cultivating an intentional personal practice is the decision to build DAILY habits that help one live better.

Healthy habits provide a solid foundation of support and stability for when life gets challenging and provides a place for deep introspection, reflection and mindfulness.

Woman jogging up colorful stairs

It’s no secret that developing a habit requires 30-days of consistent repetition, but did you know that the benefits of that consistency don’t typically show up for another 60 days!

So while this Challenge will definitely help you build a solid, adaptable personal practice, it also helps you build the daily habit of SHOWING-UP and prioritizing your self-care.

In fact, this 30-day Challenge is designed to support you for 90-days! The challenge begins with a practice of literally, ONE MINUTE. You can do that, right!?!

Each day we’ll add a minute to your practice, building a simple (but powerful!) 30-minute practice of breath, postures and mindful rest. I want to help you build your daily routine… and we can easily do that in 90 days. I don’t intend for you to repeat the same 30-day sequence 3 times… BUT you can begin again as often as you need to and when you get to the end, you can simply repeat day 30’s practice for another 60-days, adapting each day based on what you’ve learned.

Do you want to breathe deeply and move freely?

Are you ready to…

Small pink flower in stone wall

Breathe (pranayam)

Kimberlyn practicing a pose on yoga mat

Move (asana)

Kimberlyn lying on yoga mat resting

Rest (meditation)

YOU deserve to breathe deeply & move freely…

Here’s what you’ll get:

  • Daily emails of encouragement and support.
  • Instructional guidance for 30 days of daily practice
  • Integration of yoga philosophy and inspired living within the daily practice
  • Confidence and peace of mind that “YOU GOT THIS!”

Here’s what you’ll need:

  • Comfortable clothing that allows you to move freely.
  • About 30-minutes a day (but only 1 minute to start!)
  • An open heart and mind and a desire to live vibrantly
  • Permission (from yourself) to make mistakes and courage to begin again!