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Introduction to Yoga Therapy

a yoga practice for EVERY body!

What’s included

  • Forever access via an easily accessible private digital learning portal.
  • TWELVE 75-minute guided yoga therapy practices, each dedicated to a key challenge area.
  • Therapeutic themed classes to address: pelvis, spine, shoulders, hips, low back, mid & upper back, chest, neck, lower leg & ankle, knees, forearms & wrists, hands & feet.
  • FOUR Bonus practices for fatigue and pain management.
  • FREE 30-minute consultation with Kimberlyn.

Personalized yoga therapy at your fingertips!

Thera-Yoga is a blended style of traditional yoga, including breathing, postures and meditation, integrated with modern techniques of positional therapy and strength training. Creator, Kimberlyn Cahill, integrates yoga wisdom, positional therapy, mindfulness, strength training and core stabilization with inspirational personal stories of recovery and growth. Various therapeutic tools are weaved into each class focusing on back body strength, core stability and muscular endurance.
Thera-Yoga is perfect for those new to yoga practice or in need of guidance and support due to injury/recovery, pregnancy, or personal challenge such as pain management, mobility and balance.

Woman meditating on yoga mat
Breathe deeply.
Kimberlyn posing on a log in the woods
Move freely.
Man posing on a yoga mat
Labor lovingly.
Woman holding a sparkler
Live vibrantly.