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Dr. Kimberlyn

DMOL, E-RYT-200, E-RYT-500, RPYT, C-IAYT, Yoga Therapist, Founder & Owner of Life'sWork Yoga

Finding yoga after a traumatic bicycle accident, Kimberlyn was lucky to find a local studio and community to guide her search for healing, rest, and recuperation. Reconnecting with her body, mind and spirit through the practice and teachings of yoga, Kimberlyn was able to re-engage and redesign her life. After receiving an invitation to study as a Yoga Teacher, Kimberlyn said, “Yes.” With some specific conditions, like she didn’t want to teach yoga! Obviously a lot has changed!

Seeking out a diverse team of teachers and guides, Kimberlyn dived into study of the philosophies and principles of yoga. This study continues today. Through vigorous and dedicated study, Kimberlyn discovered a language and a practice that renewed her spirit, restored her body and mind, and reassembled her broken life strategy. After decades of over-commitment, perfection and anxiety, Kimberlyn unintentionally began to redesign her life through the practice of yoga. She started to SHIFT!

Kimberlyn serves as a companion guide for cultivating a life of joy, authenticity, and connection.

Whether on the mat, in an aerial silk, or about town on her bicycle, Kimberlyn serves as a Companion Guide for cultivating a life of joy, authenticity and connection. With light-hearted humor, a positive attitude, and a smile, Kimberlyn fosters inspiration, self-discovery and transformation through her Inspired Living coaching, mentoring, and teaching. Fundamentally, Kimberlyn believes life is an invitation to discover (remember!) one’s authentic self and to connect with others in community. Kimberlyn supports yoga practitioners to live fully and teaches, with emphasis on customization and adaptation, a daily practice of living intimately with inspiration and joy.

An experienced teacher and business owner, Kimberlyn brings diverse experience and a wealth of knowledge and wisdom to the art and craft of living purposefully and laboring lovingly. With over forty years of teaching, facilitating and leading group learning, in formal and informal classrooms, for students of all ages, Kimberlyn’s coaching, mentoring, and training offers practical, accessible guidance for energizing life’s work.

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