Lessons for Living an Inspired Life

Kimberlyn shares her secrets and insights in unique posts to help you stay balanced, focused, inspired, and living a vibrant, abundant life.

Why Rest?

What does it mean to rest? What does it mean to be restored? For some it means taking a nap, or getting to bed on time for sleep, or rising with the sun! For others,...

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Magic of THREE

Do you have a favorite number? Mine is three. I'm not sure when I decided three was my favorite number, I think it kind of grew on me over the years. Maybe it started with...

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Krama Energy Flow

Let it be, let it go, let it flow... all great tropes for living well. And yet, what do they really mean in light of our Yoga practice ? With the onset of Spring, we...

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Power of Breath… it’s Courage

There really is nothing like the birth of Spring. The sound of song birds and the sight of fresh sprouts with blooms of yellow and purple and white breaking through the dead leaf mulch of...

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Breath-Heart Connection

I recently had an ah-ha! moment! It isn't new information, and yet in the moment the power of this TRUTH woke me from my slumber and warmed me to my core. Breath is the key...

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Love in any Language

In High School my dance team was invited to perform at the Freedom Bowl in Anaheim, California. It was my first opportunity to fly, and the largest audience I've ever performed for. We performed a...

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