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Lessons for Living an Inspired Life

Kimberlyn shares her secrets and insights in unique posts to help you stay balanced, focused, inspired, and living a vibrant, abundant life.

Curiosity killed the Cat (Inspired Shift, step 2)

Curiosity killed the cat." That's like saying hunger made me fat. Curiosity is the magic that drives inquiry, passion and engagement. Walt Disney identified curiosity as one of the 4 conditions that make dreams come...

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Inspired Shift: Embrace change

As Winter starts to shift toward Spring, I find my sense of energy increasing and my enthusiasm for shift waking up! It’s been a long, hard few years and I’ve been hanging on to a...

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Three Tips for Spiritual Spring Cleaning

For a Spring in your Step, try these THREE tips for Spiritual Health this Season Summer, fall and winter have their fans, but spring is clearly the best season. It’s the season of fresh starts...

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Yoga as a DAILY practice

What do we mean by "Practice"? Practice makes perfect, or so they say. And yet, in real life, repeated practice just makes more precise that which we are practicing. If we practice poorly, we will...

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Courage: a practice of compassion in action

Strategy for Cultivating Courage Courage and bravery are often used interchangeably and yet are they the same? More importantly, what does it take to be courageous in living life, especially when things get hard? Here's...

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Longing & Belonging

With the arrival of shorter days and colder temperatures, I find myself longing for a hot beverage, a cozy blanket, and a good book. On rainy days the longing might even result in a second...

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