Lessons for Living an Inspired Life

Kimberlyn shares her secrets and insights in unique posts to help you stay balanced, focused, inspired, and living a vibrant, abundant life.

Begin Again, Again

How do you prepare for the new year? Are you a resolution setter? A Vision Board builder? A dreamer, a planner, or a fly-by-the seat-of-your-pants-er? Or maybe you’re more of a nay-sayer when it comes...

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Courage to Begin Again

'Begin Again' is one of my favorite sayings... as a hashtag, it's a mantra for the electronic age to inspire self-care. As someone who likes to achieve and prefers forward movement, cultivating the practice of...

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Season of Service

How do you serve? What does it mean to you to be of service? Truth: We all want to be of service and contribute positively to our communities. Fact: Sometimes it’s hard to determine WHAT...

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Gratitude… it’s a practice

As weird as it may sound, I am grateful that a bicycle accident almost killed me. I'm especially grateful that it didn't :) and instead afforded me the opportunity to learn and grow through it....

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Citizenship: a story of belonging

I pledge allegiance to the Flag and to the United States of America. Countless mornings I recited these words in various schools across America. We stood, placed our hands on our hearts and recited the...

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Shift Happens

  Could you use a little more ease in your life? I wanna share a little about how we can SHIFT our way into greater ease. Now, ease is not the same as easy, but...

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