Lessons for Living an Inspired Life

Kimberlyn shares her secrets and insights in unique posts to help you stay balanced, focused, inspired, and living a vibrant, abundant life.

Breath-Heart Connection

I recently had an ah-ha! moment! It isn't new information, and yet in the moment the power of this TRUTH woke me from my slumber and warmed me to my core. Breath is the key...

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Love in any Language

In High School my dance team was invited to perform at the Freedom Bowl in Anaheim, California. It was my first opportunity to fly, and the largest audience I've ever performed for. We performed a...

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Begin Again, Again

How do you prepare for the new year? Are you a resolution setter? A Vision Board builder? A dreamer, a planner, or a fly-by-the seat-of-your-pants-er? Or maybe you’re more of a nay-sayer when it comes...

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Courage to Begin Again

'Begin Again' is one of my favorite sayings... as a hashtag, it's a mantra for the electronic age to inspire self-care. As someone who likes to achieve and prefers forward movement, cultivating the practice of...

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Season of Service

How do you serve? What does it mean to you to be of service? Truth: We all want to be of service and contribute positively to our communities. Fact: Sometimes it’s hard to determine WHAT...

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Gratitude… it’s a practice

As weird as it may sound, I am grateful that a bicycle accident almost killed me. I'm especially grateful that it didn't :) and instead afforded me the opportunity to learn and grow through it....

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