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Live Yoga Practice

Live Yoga Class Options

Come as you are to our yoga classes in our Frederick, MD studio. The only requirement is that you breathe. Everything else is optional! Community practice is the perfect compliment to build a personal practice of yoga. We offer classes for all experience levels and specialize in adaptation and personalization. Our small class sizes and abundant, generous props facilitate deep self-care and authentic connection with others.

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Gentle Flow

Yoga for Every-body. Gentle, fluid all-level yoga practice. Integrate movements and breath to cultivate space for presence and mindfulness. Adaptations and options included to support greater integration of body, mind and spirit.

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Thera-Yoga Gentle

Yoga for ALL. This blended class combines the wisdom of yoga with the intention of mindful strength training and core stabilization. Various therapeutic tools will be weaved into each class focusing on back body strength, core stability and muscular endurance. Thera-Yoga is the integration of yoga, thai massage, positional therapy and energy philosophies into a communal experience. Ideal for those new to the practice or in need of adaptation guidance and support due to injury, pregnancy, or dis-ease.

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Just Breathe

Yoga for Inspiration. A simple practice to restore mind, body and spirit with 15-min of guided breath (pranayam) practice, including traditional yoga and non-traditional breathing techniques. Good for all levels and experience.

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Gentle Yoga

Yoga for Mobility. Any practice can be enhanced by using the "right" props in the "right" way. On the mat or in a chair, this practice explores classic postures with the benefit of stability and variety. This practice will guide the beginner or advanced student through a safe, adaptable sequences to build confidence for your personal mobility and stability needs. Participants may choose to practice on may or from a chair.

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Flow Express

Join us for a morning wake-up and get moving style of yoga! This 60-minute practice is all about moving the body with fluid expression. Recharge for the weekend or re-calibrate your day. May include vinyasa flow sun salutations. Adaptable for all levels, mobility is needed. Ore-req: ability to get up and down off the floor with ease.

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Yoga for Life. A simple practice to restore mind, body and spirit. 30-min of guided breath (pranayam), simple movement postures (asana) concluding with a sweet savasana (rest). Good for all levels and all mobilities. Participate LIVE OR receive class recording via email to access all week. Chair or mat.

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Yoga for Rest/Stress. This practice will renew & restore. Using movement and breath to restore the balance of the body-mind connection. Restorative yoga settles the nervous system and helps return the body to a state of ease. No experience required. Safe for all experience levels.

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Just Pause: Meditation

Yoga for Peace. 15-minute guided practice to explore breath exercises and meditation techniques, harness the energy of the season and re-balance the demands of living in the modern world. All experience levels and all bodies welcome. Abundant props available (in studio) to allow for comfortable sitting (including chairs!).

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$10 Happy Hour

Yoge for Community. Our newest teachers are sharing their enthusiasm and excitement for the practice of Yoga in this SPECIAL HAPPY HOUR practice. Join us in bringing some happy into your day and let this ANYTHING-GOES practice set the tone for gratitude and JOY for your week ahead. All levels welcome.

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Solstice Celebration

Yoga for the Seasonal Shift. Gather with us on the Solstice as we honor this seasonal shift and explore our relationship to the sun. This all-levels practice of breath and movement is the perfect catalyst for transitioning with the natural flow of the seasons and offers an invitation for introspection,intention & permission to #BeginAgain. Refreshments served! In-studio and virtual attendance enabled.

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Full Moon Celebration

With the powerful energy of the full moon in combination with the beautiful vibrations of a sound bath, we will create a safe place to release what no longer serves us, rest, and reflect throughout a RESTorative yoga practice and receive and heal through the vibrations of various healing instruments. Class includes: restorative yoga, a sound bath, and a fire releasing ceremony.

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New to Yoga

Explore the most common yoga practices of breathing and moving (including an all-level introduction to the practice of Yoga) review LWY class types and treatments and take a tour of LWY studio.

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