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How can Life’sWork Yoga help you find a deeper connection with your true self and your authentic community?

Yoga has been scientifically proven to boost confidence, increase physical strength, promote well-being and relaxation, and teach life-changing skills you will bring into everyday life. See what others are saying about Life’sWork Yoga!

Kimberlyn has guided me in learning so much about myself. She has helped me recognize my own strength, truth, and acceptance. I have enjoyed the Women’s Circle she leads where I have learned many life skills and made life-long friendships.

Thank you, Kimberlyn!


Thank you for an absolutely fantastic class today. I don’t have the vocabulary to express how it made me feel but it was one of those classes that reminds you why you do yoga. You are an amazing teacher and a facilitator of personal growth in others. Thank you again.


Kimberlyn, I love the way you teach. I can close my eyes, and you are able to make us aware of every little movement that needs to happen. My body always responded to the sound of your voice. You have a real knack, especially for beginners and those with limited abilities.


A one-stop shop for mind, body and soul care. Kimberlyn knows how to help you work through self-doubt, or challenge your body all with compassion, grace and understanding. She is very encouraging to dig a little deeper to help you meet your life goals.


I always think I am alone in my feelings and experiences, but everyone out there is holding on to crap or trying to move through it, everyone wants an authentic life that expresses their purpose. It helps to take the journey with the support of others. I lay open my heart and invite you to see all of me. I want to experience you in return, to share with you as you move toward joy!


Great space with great instructors! I love the small class size and being able to stretch out! Kimberlyn is an amazing instructor and I love the pace and energy of her classes!


Kimberlyn has true gifts. She intuitively seems to know what my body needs. I cannot say enough good things about her care and her professionalism. How fortunate I am to have Kimberlyn in my life.


I loved the vision board workshop… Kimberlyn creates a welcoming and nurturing space to relax and recharge your body and mind!