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Yoga for real life in a modern word!

Are you ready for a reset?

Life is meant to be filled with love, joy and happiness.

I was told life is a work in practice, but I never got an instructional manual. So I wrote one!

It’s called: Or Maybe This.
It’s an invitation to shift how we are living so we can find our way to inspiration and joy. This program is that Instructional Manual! To live joy, we have to practice the things that cultivate love, joy and happiness. (We know what they are!) To feel happiness and joy, we need to do the things that work! In this program, I share what those things are and HOW to do them no matter what your life looks like now!

Yoga Living is the program for ANYONE who wants to cultivate more vibrancy and inspiration into their life! This course is perfect for those want to know more about how to live well, with happiness and joy. If you need confidence and clarity of why and how to show up for life, this course does that. And, honestly? If you need some hand holding and structure for doing hard things, this course does that too!




Overwhelmed, discouraged, burned-out and tired, so very tired.

I was suffering FOR YEARS but I didn’t know why. I spent decades of doing “all the things” and following the “expert advice”. I was so focused on doing the things I was told to do, I didn’t realize they weren’t actually working. I wasn’t happy. I finally realized (admitted) I was burned out and exhausted. AND I still wasn’t happy.

Then I had an accident, a life-threatening trauma that required a year to recover. After which I had the opportunity to rebuild my life. I found yoga. When I discovered the FULL POTENTIAL of Yoga (after a lot of trial & error and false starts), I identified the cause of my despair:

I needed help to do things differently. I needed a guide to relearn HOW to be.
Now, years later, I realize I had no intentional self-care practice and no awareness of how to adapt to my circumstances.

As an educator and wellness practitioner for 35+ years, I serve the students that show up… but things changed this year with the COVID-19 pandemic shut-down. There was no showing up, which meant a lot of people didn’t have access to the support being offered by their teachers. We were all driven into isolation and protection.
Whether its pandemic related or not, people continue to suffer because we are NOT taught how to build the skills of a daily self-care practice… perhaps we lack the discipline or the confidence, or the knowledge on HOW to do a daily wellness practice. This is the manual needed to live life well.

Is Yoga Living RIGHT for you?

Are you searching for a way to live better? Are you ready for a life of more happiness and joy? Are you open to a Guide to steer you toward your personal path?

Yoga Living is that different way. And I am that guide to walk this path with you.

Ready for something different, more than the rat-race?

Unclear? You’ve done the inner work, you’re ready for ACTION… just need help finding the next right step.

Stuck? Your potential is huge and the opportunity is here, so why aren’t you all in?

Seeking peace, connection and ease-ful alignment?

Ready? New to yoga, or maybe new to being human? Would you be thrilled to have a guide for your journey?

Willing? Done some things, achieved some success… but looking for vibrancy?

Not sure what you want, but know it’s NOT “this”?

Overwhelmed? You’re busy on every level in search of passion and purpose but you can’t afford to quit or take a sabbatical…now what?

Bored? You’ve lost your fire and not sure how to connect with passion.

In this course, you will go from feeling overwhelmed, frustrated & confused to feeling clear, confident and competent in living your best life!

Yoga Living teaches a simple, adaptable strategy to harness the power of yoga to live vibrantly; to breathe, move, rest in ease.

By the end of this program you will have:

  • Confidence and peace of mind that “YOU GOT THIS!”
  • Clarity on what you really want (no more settling for someone else’s dream!).
  • A proven method to clear out the “gunk” that blocks creativity & passion.
  • An adaptable daily routine of practices and a proven strategy for living intimately with inspiration.

Yoga is a way of being in the world and it goes way beyond the asana postures and the practice on the mat. We begin where we are and the practice of Yoga helps us show up for all life has to offer. Yoga Living is a life in which we cultivate union and alignment between body, mind and breath, between ourselves and the community; it’s the culmination of daily practices that help us breathe deeply, move freely, labor lovingly and live vibrantly.

The Yoga Living Program is a 6-month guided journey which includes

  • 6-months of guided introspection, integration, and application of key learnings regarding values, priorities, communication, boundaries, and choice.
  • Collaborative community: daily, weekly, monthly, and quarterly access to virtual Circle, gatherings, and discussions
  • 3 modules of accessible, integrated learning with forever access to comprehensive, private learning library

Module 1:
Yoga Living- build your personal daily practice (1 month)

Module 2:
Authentic Living- discover your authentic self and build a commitment to self-care and self-love (2 months)

Module 3:
Inspired Living- craft a plan for intentional living that reflects your values, commitments, and circumstances and aligns you with inspiration & passion (3 months)

Yoga Living: Breathe. Move. Rest.

I’m so convinced of the power of this program. It truly is changing lives. I hope you will say “YES” too!

Together, we’ll take each step to “Breathe. Move. Rest.” our way into VIBRANT, INSPIRED LIVING!

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