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Yoga for real life in a modern word!

Are you ready for a reset?

Life is a work in practice… What are you practicing?

Yoga Living is a comprehensive program for living your life fully!

Yoga Living teaches a simple strategy to harness the power of yoga to…





After decades of doing “all the things” and following the “expert advice”, I finally realized (admitted) I was burned out and exhausted. AND I still wasn’t happy.

When I discovered the FULL POTENTIAL of Yoga (after a lot of trial & error and false starts), I identified the cause of my despair:

I needed help to do things differently. I needed a guide to relearn HOW to be.

Are you searching for a guide, a partner to help you do life better, one who provides non-judgmental and compassionate support to help you live your life better?
Yoga Living is that different way of doing and being.

Yoga Living is a guided program to support your personal GROWTH, to teach you how to live intimately with joy and CONNECT authentically with your true self and others?

Before I tell you all about this life changing program, let’s talk about who this program is really for.
Yoga Living is RIGHT for you, if…

You know there has to be more to life than the rat race?

Unclear? You’ve done the inner work, you’re ready for ACTION… just need clarity (and maybe a confidnece boost) regarding the next right step.

Stuck? Your “know” potential is huge and the opportunity is waiting for you to say, “Yes”, so why aren’t you all in? Where’s inspiration when you really need it?

You seek peace and ease-ful alignment?

Ready? New to yoga and excited for a guided immersion? You DON’T have to walk this path alone. A guide makes the path clearer and the journey lighter.

Willing? Seasoned practitioner or wellness professional ready for greater integration? A guide helps deepen accountability and integration.

You are not sure what you want, but know it’s NOT “this”?

Overwhelmed? You’re a hard working professional in search of passion and purpose within the daily grind. Is that even possible? YES!

Bored? You’ve lost your fire and not sure how to connect with passion again. Inspiration might be an “accident waiting to happen”; practice is how we prepare.

By the END of this program you will have:

  • Confidence that you got this!
  • Clarity on what you REALLY want!
  • SIX MONTHS of inspiration and daily support
  • An adaptable INTENTIONAL, daily self-care routine
  • TEN wellness habits proven to increase happiness & joy
  • A time-tested strategy for living intimately with inspiration!

Yoga Living is the program to harness the POWER of Yoga into a tangible, personal, adaptable practice of daily habits.

In this course, you will go from feeling overwhelmed, frustrated & confused to feeling clear, confident and competent in living vibrantly!

Here’s what’s inside Yoga Living:

  • Yoga Living is a 6-month journey to authenticity and inspiration!
  • 3 modules of asynchronous teaching and LIVE group connection!

Yoga Living Program INCLUDES:

Accessible, integrated learning portal: (forever access to comprehensive, private learning library)
Collaborative community: (daily, weekly, monthly, and quarterly access to virtual Circle, gatherings and discussions)

Three Modules of accessible, integrated asynchronous yoga-based life lessons:

  • Weekly pre-recorded lesson with practices and reflection exercises to enhance integration and learning
  • Access to a private membership site containing practice videos, life lessons, and program tracking tools
  • Access to recorded archive of Coach’s Chat!
  • Regular, consistent inspirational emails and
  • Unlimited email access to Coach Kimberlyn

Module ONE: Yoga Living (4+ weeks)


  • Daily mini-practices (no more than 30-min) for inspiration and application of the Breathe. Move. Rest. strategy.
  • Detailed instruction for 4 key yoga breath practices, 25 essential asana postures and 4 meditation techniques.
  • Daily emails and unlimited email access to Coach Kimberlyn.


  • A simple, adaptable strategy for yoga living in the modern world./li>
  • Greater access to breath and inspiration.
  • Increased agility, balance, strength and endurance.


  • Competence in knowing when and how to wisely adapt your daily practice.
  • Discipline and consistency in choosing WISE daily habits.
  • Courage and confidence to adapt to life accordingly.

Module TWO: Authentic Living (8 weeks!)


  • Weekly video lessons exploring TEN research proven practices to cultivate joy and happiness.
  • Integrate key principles for living into daily habits and choices.


  • Personal experience with TEN specific techniques for building intimacy with inspiration and enhancing joy./li>
  • A consistent daily practice of Breathe. Move. Rest.
  • Support in building greater balance between effort & ease.


  • Confidence and peace of mind that “YOU GOT THIS!”
  • Clarity: A clear introduction to yoga as a life practice and exploration of yoga as the path for you!
  • Increased self-compassion, confidence and self-esteem.

Yoga Living: Breathe. Move. Rest.

Yoga Living teaches a simple strategy to harness the power of yoga!

that’s OVER $10K in coaching and training!

  • 6 months of daily practice in your home (worth over $6700)
  • 6 months of personal support and encouragement to build a consistent personal practice of living life fully with happiness and joy as your foundation (worth over $1500).
  • 24 comprehensive lessons comprised into three learning modules to deepen your confidence and competence with yoga, authenticity and inspiration (worth over $2400).
  • A complete, step-by-step strategy for designing and implementing an effective personal daily routine of habits and practices that align and support your best intentions (truly, priceless!).

Yoga Living is delivered in a weekly “drip” fashion, meaning you’ll be given access to one week of training for 24 consecutive weeks to enable steady, consistent progress and minimize overwhelm. We do this to protect your time, attention and focus while sparing you from the intense overwhelm that stops most learners in their tracks. Additionally, you are invited to continue monthly participation in Yoga Living Circle while you integrate and implement the content of the program.

With forever access, you can truly go at your own pace. You can also return to a previous lesson as often as you like to allow for integration on a deeper level. The learning is NEVER really done and that’s why you are granted FOREVER ACCESS to this learning program!

Need a little incentive to say “Yes”?

Enjoy these BONUSES to help you generate unstoppable momentum (and keep it going)!

an ADDITIONAL $500 in coaching and training!

FREE access to archived lessons from 2020 Coach’s Chat (That’s over 25 hours of lessons and case studies!)

FREE Guide to BIG SHIFT Survival workshop

FREE Kick Start with Confidence: Yoga Living Orientation workshop

FREE Guru Circle Membership

Chance to win a Hot-Seat Invitation for Guru Circle

I’m so convinced of the power of this program, it truly is changing lives. I hope you will say “YES” too!
Together, we’ll take each step to “Breathe. Move. Rest.” our way into VIBRANT LIVING!

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