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Aerial Yoga Training

Yoga Flight

Move Freely. Take your practice to new heights! Shift your relationship with gravity!

Move Freely

Aerial yoga is as much a fun and challenging practice as it is a therapeutic, healing one. This modular aerial training is appropriate for the practitioner who wants to deepen their personal practice as well as the yoga teacher seeking to expand their teaching curriculum (and earn CEUs).

Life’sWork Aerial Certification prepares practitioners to safely guide new to advanced yoga students through traditional yoga postures and those unique to the aerial silk. Learn to navigate the ins and outs of the aerial silk as a prop in conventional mat practice, as a tool for therapeutic private sessions, a means for playful, challenging sequences, and a vehicle for deep restoration.

Discover what shifts within you when you shift your relationship with gravity!

Life’sWork Aerial Yoga Teacher Training provides far more than the foundation to teach Aerial Yoga. It’s a deep immersion into a unique method of Yoga that uses the support of the hammock to explore, refine and advance traditional asana, both in the air and on the ground.

As a result of this course, you will be ready to teach fun, safe, and innovative Aerial Yoga classes to diverse populations.

This course will make you a better Yoga teacher. You’ll discover fine distinctions about your regular mat practice that would take years of intensive study to realize in any other way. Life’sWork Aerial Yoga Teacher Training will inform and empower how you teach every style of Yoga, other movement arts and how you move in the world.

Aerial Yoga translates traditional Yoga asanas into FLIGHT. The same shapes and poses we love on our mats, take on a whole new level of inspiration and possibility when we use the aerial silk. An airborne expression can comfortably assist in spinal and joint re-alignment, increase range of motion and awaken core stabilization and strength.