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Prenatal Yoga Certification

Yoga to Labor Lovingly

Giving birth is so much more than pregnancy and delivery.
It’s about becoming your fullest, best self.

Guiding prenatal & fertility yoga is about supporting all students to live their best, most authentic life with the practice of yoga as a tool for living and laboring lovingly.

Prenatal/Fertility Yoga Certification is an 85-hour Yoga Alliance approved curriculum to explore the practice of yoga for those in hormonal transition.

Life’sWork Yoga offers a unique manner of exploring the YA required content of prenatal yoga into a broader context of the human fertility journey. This program will prepare trainees to support expecting parents, post-partum clients, and those taking “a personal tour through puberty”. Participants will enhance their teaching by learning to create and hold space for the free expression of identity development for all forms of parents, trans-gender and inter-sex persons, and adapt the yoga to meet the diversity of needs that arise from our evolution as hormonal beings. Designed to celebrate and enhance YOGA INCLUSION and support pregnancy and fertility journey FOR ALL students, LWY Prenatal/Fertility Training is an adventure into compassion and community through the practice of Yoga.

What would it mean for yoga to be truly INCLUSIVE?

Are you ready to…

Learn the skills to create and sustain an inclusive community.

Welcome all life styles and journeys to yoga as a daily practice.

Confidently adapt the postures and practice to meet the needs of real students.

Yoga Birth doesn’t have to be scary!

FEAR has dominated the prenatal & pregnancy training curriculum for yogis and other birth industries. LWY Prenatal/Fertility training program collaborates with other fertility specialists to de-mystify and minimize fear and counter the notion of pregnancy and fertility as a disability.

The truth is we all have hormones no matter how we identify ourselves. Therefore, we all have a personal fertility journey. Navigating the journey of fertility can be lonely, confusing, challenging, even painful for some. Challenges come in all shapes and sizes from ability to conceive to gender transitions, orientation, age, childless-by-choice to adoption or grand-parenting many of us don’t have the knowledge or even access to good information and experts in the know to make healthy choices for ourselves.

Prenatal/Fertility Yoga Certification combines LIVE interactive discussions, practices and experiential learning projects with web-based Student Learning Portal to enhance learning at your pace and on your schedule!

You’ll get:

  • 3-weekend immersion training modules
  • 3-Case Study Discussions to apply theory to real life examples
  • 24-hour access to training content and recorded EXTRA through learning portal
  • 12+ example classes for yoga practice and inspiration
  • Personal Mentor Session with Kimberlyn to explore and strategies for implementation into your Yoga Journey.
  • Invitation to join Guru Circle with Teacher discount for continued education, inspiration and mentoring.
  • Unlimited email access to Coach Kimberlyn

Curriculum Overview:

Dive into deeper understanding and exploration of hormones and yoga as they relate to menses, puberty, pregnancy and fertility and menopause and aging. Discover how yoga can enrich the life-long journey. Participants will explore the practices of yoga (asana, meditation and breath) as tools to enhance student confidence & competence and encourage active participation and self-advocacy in the fertility journey (from menses to menopause).
Guided by experienced teachers and practitioners of mind, body and energy modalities, participants will learn how, when and why to integrate body movement, energetics and mindfulness into the fertility journey to:

  1. enhance the fertility/hormonal experience for all individuals,
  2. nurture and support expecting parents and
  3. build community across these “populations”.

Pancha (Five) Koshas and Transparent Alignment™, provide the philosophical foundation for this 85-hour Yoga Alliance registered Life’sWork Prenatal/Fertility Yoga Teacher Training curriculum. Three modules organize the learning content into identity & puberty, fertility and pregnancy, post-partum and aging. Each module includes an audience-sensitive practice, philosophy and teaching methodology for the diverse audience. Training integrates practice, personal introspection, community connection, collaboration and discussion. Participants will:

  1. explore the practices of yoga both on the mat and in life to support identity, fertility, pregnancy, post-partum, and aging;
  2. facilitate and lead effective and safe, group and private practice of asana, meditation and pranayam; and
  3. enhance community connection between fertility clients & partners, wellness practitioners and yoga teachers.

Register by August 15th to receive the $150 EarlyBirdPFYTT discount for Group Training!

(Minimum of 3 participants required for Group Training, fees can be transferred to Digital or Apprenticeship format.)

Digital ONLY

$399 (payment plans available)

  • Digital Content
  • Option to expand for full credentials later

Can be combined with Mentoring/Teaching to complete YA credentials

LIVE, Real-Time Group

$1500 (payment plans available)

  • Digital Content
  • 3 Weekend Modules
  • 6-mos Virtual Studio Membership
  • Training Schedule posted on Enroll page

$150 EARLY BIRD Discount. Email for Coupon Code.


$1850 (payment plans available)

  • Digital Content
  • FOUR 1:1 Mentoring Sessions
  • Studio Pass for 6 public practices
  • 6-mos Virtual Studio Membership
  • Priority for joining LWY Staff