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Customize. Adapt. Personalize. Yoga is for EVERY body.

Support the wise application & integration of yoga for body, mind & breath!

Life’sWork Thera-Yoga is the integration of classic Yoga with modern modalities of Somatics, Thai Yoga, Positional Therapy, and neuro-muscular science. Thera-Yoga’s intention is to enhance participation of yoga with those often left-out of contemporary practices and communities (i.e. injuries, chronic disease or dis-ease, pain, divergent-abilities, size, gender, etc). Thera-Yoga teaches adaptable principles for wise, personalized adaptation and krama-progressive sequencing to cultivate accessibility in a diverse community.

Life’sWork Thera-Yoga Training prepares yoga practitioners for the challenges of leading public and private yoga practice with a therapeutic intention. This training offers a deep dive into anatomy, alignment, hands on assists and safe touch, therapeutic adaptations for classic postures and practices, as well as a broad exploration of philosophies, theories, from yoga and the movement disciplines.

Life’sWork Thera-Yoga Training prepares yoga practitioners for the challenges of leading public and private yoga practice with a therapeutic intention. This training takes you on a deep dive into anatomy, alignment, and therapeutic adaptations for classic postures and practices. Based on the principle that Yoga should enhance the quality of life, this training intends to support others on the journey of living well in mind and body using kramas and intentional sequencing.

Developed and guided by founder Kimberlyn Cahill, this training integrates the disciplines of Thai Yoga, Positional Therapy, and Yoga Therapy for the general practitioner and equips those interested in deeper intervention for restoration and healing, the basics for posture adjustments and gentle, hands-on adjustments, and tissue manipulations.

Training with Kimberlyn at Life’sWork Yoga is a growth journey of learning and self-inquiry; a guided experience to build confidence and competence (in practice AND in life); and preparation to be a Companion Guide for the practice of yoga for the modern practitioner.

You’ll Get:

  • SIX theme specific weekend modules exploring Pelvis, Spine, Abdominal Core, Shoulders & Neck, Hips & Butt, and Limbs including practice, lecture, collaborative clinics, and group discussion.
  • Forever access to SIX learning modules of digital lecture content and practice
  • SIX Case Study Discussions to apply theory to real life examples.
  • 12+ example classes for yoga practice and inspiration
  • Hands-on training of numerous therapeutic tools for guided therapeutic restoration and adjustment.
  • Hands on training in Healing/Intuitive Touch with clients to facilitate interoception and integration.
  • Personal Mentor Session with Kimberlyn to explore and strategies for implementation into your Yoga Journey.
  • Unlimited email access to Coach Kimberlyn

Curriculum Content:

Thera-Yoga is an integration of Thai Yoga, Positional Therapy and Krama-wise (adaptations) traditional yoga for personal and public practice to accommodate and support practitioners who need a customized approach to the practice of Yoga. Content includes developmental, philosophical and practical applications for ancient traditions of asana, pranyam and meditation enhanced by science-based practices of somatics, poly-vagal theory, and intentional self-care to enhance health and wellness for all. Thera-Yoga honors its roots from the Kripalu and Himalayan Institute traditions. Philosophical paradigms include:

  • Transparent Alignment™
  • Pancha Koshas
  • Patanjali’s Ashtanga (8-Limb)
  • Chakras
  • Vayuus
  • Ayurveda
  • Human Development of Movement
  • Hero’s Journey/Identity Development
  • Somatics
  • Anti-Fragility/Pain
  • Flow/Play Theories
  • Grounded Theory of Connection & Belonging

200-hr Yoga Certification recommended. Appropriate for yoga teachers, fitness professionals, and wellness practitioners. Eligible for up to 100 hours CEUs.

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(Minimum of 3 participants required for Group Training, fees can be transferred to Digital or Apprenticeship format.)

Digital ONLY

$899 (payment plans available)

  • Digital Content
  • Option to expand for full credentials later

Can be combined with Mentoring/Teaching to enhance credentials

LIVE, Real-Time Group

$2500 (payment plans available)

  • Digital Content
  • 6 Weekend Modules
  • 6-mos Virtual Studio Membership
  • Training Schedule posted on Enroll page

$250 EARLY BIRD Discount. Email for Coupon Code.


$3200 (payment plans available)

  • Digital Content
  • TWELVE 1:1 Mentoring Sessions
  • Studio Pass for 12 public practices
  • 6-mos Virtual Studio Membership
  • Priority for joining LWY Staff