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Yoga-Based Coaching Certification

Inspired Living Champion: Coaching Certification

Are you ready for YOGA to be your Life’s Work?

What is Inspired Living Champion?

Inspired Living is a life in which we breathe deeply, move freely, labor lovingly and live vibrantly.

(That’s what I mean when I say #itsallyoga.)

A Champion is one who promotes or advocates for a issue or cause.

Inspired Living Champion (ILC) is a six-month guided, transformational journey to expand the Yoga practice into a relationship building and life-coaching service. It’s a program specifically designed to equip you to share Yoga Living, teach the principles of Inspired Living and build a sustainable profitable practice as an Inspired Living Life Coach and Companion Guide to Yoga Living.

Inspired Living Champion is a PROVEN program to learn HOW to inspire others, share your unique SPARK, and build a system for branding your service to support others in living vibrantly.

What would it mean for you to LIVE intimately with INSPIRATION?

Are you ready to…

Serve with CONFIDENCE & COMPETENCE as a Companion Guide.

Inspire others to intentional self-care as a daily practice.

Grow a PROFITABLE & SUSTAINABLE yoga business.

Discovering our Life’sWork isn’t an accident,

it’s a practice!

Inspired Living Champion is a program to learn the skills and the system for guiding others into deeper relationship with inspiration, happiness & joy.

Yoga is more than an exercise program or a way to cultivate ease in body and mind. It goes way beyond the asana postures or even the practice on the mat. Yoga is truly a way of being in the world, a way to cultivate union and authentic connection. Yoga is a culmination of practices that enable us to show up for all life has to offer. Yoga is about clarifying INTENTION, applying focused ATTENTION to what matters most, and choosing wise ACTION in our daily activities and connections.

Inspired Living Champion is my signature program in which I teach the skills for living yoga beyond the mat, a philosophy I call Transparent Alignment. ILC is a comprehensive training and personal growth program to equip yoga enthusiasts to confidently and competently serve as a Companion Guide for Inspired Living professionally or in complementary service as Yoga teachers and wellness ambassadors.

Inspired Living Champion is a proven system to teach the skills of Inspired Living, share the Life’sWork Coaching system, and guide YOU to build a PROFITABLE & SUSTAINABLE yoga business (without having to own or operate a studio!).

As an Inspired Living Champion participant, yoga teachers and yoga enthusiasts learn to share yoga practices and principles confidently, translate ancient teachings into real life practical skills and habits, and develop the tools to compassionately support others in living intimately with Prana (spirit). Inspired Living Mastery will equip you to live a life you love by sharing yoga as a life coach and teaching the practices of Inspired Living!

What’s inside Inspired Living Champion program?

You get:

  • FOREVER ACCESS to SIX modules of digital learning content in Foundational Theories & Philosophies, Business & Entrepreneurial Skills, and Coaching Competencies & Skills.
  • INCLUSION to a private learning app with hundreds of hours of training, practices, worksheets and homework activities.
  • Private chat group within the Inspired! App for community connection and support.
  • LIVE Group Coaching sessions to address individual, unique, and typical challenges.
  • Case Study D & D (discussions & debriefings) to apply theory to real life examples.
  • Unlimited email access to Coach Kimberlyn.
  • Option for 1:1 personal coaching, mentoring and APPRENTICESHIP.

Level 1: Authentic Living

Authenticity & Alignment

Module 1: Inspired Living

Introduction to Life’sWork Coaching

Module 2: It’s All Yoga

Yoga Philosophy for the Modern Practitioner

Level 2: Inspired Living

Passion & Purpose

Module 3: Or Maybe This

Explore the 7-Cs for purposeful, Inspired Shift!

Hand holding inspirational card

Module 4: Guide to Guru

Facilitate transformation with challenge & support

Level 3: Dharma Living

Serve & Support

Yellow leaf lying on grass

Module 5: Begin Again

Companion Guide for transformational growth

Module 6: YOUR Practice

Craft your niche & share your life’s work

If life is a work in practice, what are you practicing?

Become A Coach!