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Tag: shift

Yoga of Belonging

Yoga, often translated to mean union, as derived from its root "to yoke", offers a unique perspective on belonging and connection. Like many other spiritual practices, Yoga  combines effort AND ease, advocates personal growth AND...

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Competence: Skill in action

Curiosity, Creativity, Courage… three skills cultivated through practice built on compassion as authenticity and gratitude. Consistent practice builds competence in these skills. With successful outcomes from our efforts, we gain confidence in our ability to...

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Cultivating Confidence

I’m so grateful that Yoga has helped me reframe my life as a journey of Inspired Living. An adventure of learning the skills of Curiosity, Creativity and Courage in practice of doing what matters most....

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Courage of a Cowboy

Do you have it? As the daughter of a Bull Rider, I don’t know that I’ve ever really FELT brave, but I have had a lot of opportunities to practice. My folks met in Rodeo...

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Life as a Creative Practice

Creativity as a Practice “There are no rules to creativity.” At least according to Laura Jaworski. Whether you consider yourself creative or not, for many, creativity is both completely captivating and entirely frightening. Perhaps Laura’s...

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