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Category: Inspired Living

Courage: a practice of compassion in action

Strategy for Cultivating Courage Courage and bravery are often used interchangeably and yet are they the same? More importantly, what does it take to be courageous in living life, especially when things get hard? Here's...

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Longing & Belonging

With the arrival of shorter days and colder temperatures, I find myself longing for a hot beverage, a cozy blanket, and a good book. On rainy days the longing might even result in a second...

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Meditation or Mindfulness?

Yoga is often projected as complicated contortion requiring equal parts strength, hyper-flexibility and balance. In fact, in many ways, Yoga is a catch-all label commonly used to refer to shapes and postures expressed by the...

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The Practice of Asking Questions

I ask a lot of questions.  As an academic trained in the scientific method and research protocols, confidence and comfort were embedded within the system of acquiring knowledge and deciphering "Truth".  Early in my Yoga...

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Healthy Living… an experiment in yoga living

Now that I've been walking this yoga path for some time, I have a few questions that have been percolating of late in regard to yoga, self-love and healthy living. For the sake of your...

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Invitation to PLAY!

How do you play? Or better yet: Do you play? When we play, we want to do it again! And again! For many of us, the challenge is getting started and cultivating the permission mindset...

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