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Inspired Shift!

Inspired Shift!

Shift happens. Are you ready?

Now is a time for transition and transformation.

Are you on the cusp of a BIG transition?
Are you in the middle of something messy?
Are you ripe for adventure and opportunity?

Then you are ready for INSPIRED SHIFT!

Do you feel stuck? Are you overwhelmed? Are you longing for deeper connection?

This is your call to SHIFT!

I’ve been overwhelmed, bored and disconnected! I know these feelings because I’ve been there more often than I care to admit! And even worse, many times the frustration has led to complete paralysis in my work and my life – this was SUCH an uncomfortable place to be!

I knew there had to be a way of working through these problems in a methodical way rather than just giving up or checking out! I needed to find an open channel to INSPIRATION!

For some of us, the challenge is over commitment, we want to do it ALL. For others, it’s perfection and we are still waiting for everything to be just RIGHT. At some point, we reach a place of ‘What now?’ We’re ready but we don’t know how or what to do.

With so many options and possibilities on top of past failures and disappointments, the feeling of overwhelm kicks in and might just knock the breath right out of us! We don’t know if, let alone how we could move forward.

Inspired Shift aims to open your heart and mind to possibilities you have yet to even imagine.

Inspired Shift teaches SEVEN SKILLS and a repeatable and adaptable process of inquiry, investigation, and introspection to clarify what matters most to you and how you want to show up for life.

Inspired Shift provides a safe space for WEEKLY connection and collaboration, opportunity to be seen and heard without judgment, cooperative learning experiences and independent reflection questions.

Inspired Shift guides you into a deeper knowing of your true self and the discovery of your life’s work so you can SHIFT into action of Inspired Living.

Inspired Shift explores

  • Values and expectations
  • Self-care habits for joy
  • Perfection, suffering and disappointment
  • Establishing and managing healthy boundaries
  • Authenticity, communication, and connection
  • Asking for and accepting help

Inspired Shift is an 8-module digital learning program with an optional LIVE 8-week Circle (meeting alternating Mondays) collaborative adventure is designed to help you shift from

  • disconnected to aligned & inspired
  • overwhelmed to confident & clear
  • bored to engaged & passionate

and support you in cultivating curiosity, creativity, and courage for what’s next!

Inspired Shift is…

  • An invitation to join ​a small group of like-minded imperfect humans who are also facing ‘shifts’ in their lives.
  • An opportunity to cultivate a deeper understanding of your work and your life by exploring your values, inspirations, aspirations, and past experiences.
  • 8-weeks of guided conversations, reflections, practices and prompts designed to help you shift, to navigate over, around and through the obstacles that prevent you from living intimately with inspiration in your relationships, your work, and your life.

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