Coaching: Group

Group Coaching

Life’sWork Coaching is an interactive, collaborative experience designed to support living in alignment, cultivating joy and finding passion and purpose. When gathered in Circle, we explore the deeper practices of living yoga beyond the mat. We build each other up and hold each other accountable as we practice new skills and ways of being in the world. Life’sWork coaching helps you rediscover balance and joy in your life’s work and Circle gives you a foundation of support and a safe place for belonging!

Yoga Living Circle

Discover the power of Yoga for living LIFE fully in less than 30-minutes a day. Go from overwhelmed and cloudy to clear and confident. Build the habits of inspiration and vibrant living into your daily life. Create a personal daily practice to help you breathe deeply, move freely, labor lovingly and live vibrantly. Yoga Living iis designed as a 6-month program that includes forever access to THREE learning modules and monthly Group Circles for a year to equip you to LIVE intimately with inspiration!

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Guru Circle

Life'sWork Guru Circle invites those who seek to live the practices of yoga in daily life, in work, in play, in service and in practice. Guru Circle is an OPEN community of self-identified modern yogis who want to dive deeper into the philosophy of yoga and the practices of Transparent Alignment with compassionate accountability and authentic living.

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Women's Circle

Life'sWork Women's Circle (WC) invites all who identify as women to gather for connection, community, support and inspiration. Virtual participation available via Zoom. Women's Circle is a dedicated group of participants who want to dive deeper into accountability and authentic living based on the principles and practices of yoga.

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