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Women’s Circle

We are called to connect, to belong...

a place for authentic connection and real community… a Circle

Enrollment for Women’s Circle for the 2023-2024 Season has closed. Please consider joining us when we re-open in August 2024.

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What is Women’s Circle?

Women’s Circle is a safe place to practice living, laughing and learning.

Women’s Circle is a small group coaching Circle designed to support the practice of intentional, purposeful living.

Women’s Circle is a dedicated group of women (those who identify as women) committed to cultivating authentic connection.

Women’s Circle is an invitation to redesign a busy, over-committed life of transactional interaction into a life of authentic self-expression, intentional self-care and dynamic connection.

Looking for greater authenticity and deeper connection in your life?

Are you ready to…

prioritize intentional self-care?

engage in authentic connection?

be seen just as you are?

Authentic living isn’t an accident; It’s an intention!

Women’s Circle provides the space to practice living our best life and being our best self!

Women’s Circle Members enjoy guided experiential learning, adventurous field trips, insightful conversation and heart-felt discussions culminating in authentic community relationships, enhanced commitment to personal well-being and a greater sense of passion and purpose in daily living.

Women’s Circle will explore authentic, community living using the principles of Yoga Living (the 10 self-care practices) and lessons from Brene Brown’s Atlas of the Heart.

Women’s Circle Membership includes:


  • Women’s Circle gatherings: September-June; 2nd Tuesday of the month; 7-9pm)
  • Storytime* (1st Tuesday of most months, 7pm)
  • Coach’s Chat* (3rd Tuesday of most months, 7pm)


  • FALL Gratitude Mini Retreat (Wednesday before Thanksgiving)
  • New Year Mini Retreat (New Year’s day)
  • SPRING Inspiration Studio Retreat (Memorial Day Weekend)
  • SPECIAL EVENTS*: social/field trips (December & June)
  • FREE Inspiration Check-up with Kimberlyn (30-min personal coaching session)
  • Friends & Family DISCOUNT for personal coaching
    • VISION BOARD workshop* Day-long yoga & creativity retreat (First Saturday in January)
    • On Purpose Living Retreat*: Day-long yoga & intention retreat creating a written plan for intentional living
  • AND PRIORITY registration for all Life’sWork Yoga events!

* Open to public

Women’s Circle Members receive OVER $1000 in coaching & community support to enhance consistent, intentional self-care and authentic community connection!


Free Inspiration Check-Up