Women’s Circle

We all deserve a place to belong...

a place for authentic connection and real community… a Circle

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What is Women’s Circle?

Women’s Circle is a safe place to practice living, laughing and learning.

Women’s Circle is a small group coaching Circle designed to support the practice of intentional, purposeful living.

Women’s Circle is a dedicated group of women (those who identify as women) committed to cultivating authentic connection.

Women’s Circle is an invitation to redesign a busy, over-committed life of transactional interaction into a life of authentic self-expression, intentional self-care and dynamic connection.

Looking for greater authenticity and deeper connection in your life?

Are you ready to…

Prioritize intentional self-care?

Engage in conversation, learning and accountability?

Let yourself be seen just as you are?

Authentic living isn’t an accident; It’s an intention!

Women’s Circle provides the space to practice living our best life and being our best self!

Women’s Circle Members enjoy guided experiential learning, adventurous field trips, insightful conversation and heart-felt discussions culminating in authentic community relationships, enhanced commitment to personal well-being and a greater sense of passion and purpose in daily living.

2021-2022 Circle Year will be a deep dive into the practices of self-care and by embracing our own imperfections as “gifts” for growth. Each month, we’ll explore a pillar from Brene Brown’s foundational book: The Gift’s of Imperfection, integrate it into yoga teachings and align it with inspired living practices.

21-’22 Women’s Circle Membership includes:

  • 7 monthly Circle gatherings: (September-November; February-May) 3rd Tuesday of the month; 7:00-8:30pm)
  • Weekly invitation to Coach’s Chat and access to Chat Archive via Membership Library
  • New Year VISION BOARD Workshop (Jan 15, 2022) $125 value *Open to public
  • Exclusive Facebook MEMBERS ONLY group (Inspired Living: It’s a Practice)
  • Friends & Family discount for personal coaching,
  • FREE Inspiration Check-up with Kimberlyn (30-min personal coaching session) AND
  • PRIORITY registration for all Life’sWork Yoga events!

Gifts of Imperfection Themes:

  1. Authenticity
  2. Self-compassion
  3. A resilient spirit
  4. Gratitude & joy
  5. Intuition & trust
  6. Creativity
  7. Rest & play
  8. Calm & stillness
  9. Meaningful work
  10. Laughter, song & dance

Women’s Circle Members receive OVER $1000 in coaching & community support to enhance consistent, intentional self-care and authentic community connection!

(payment plan available at registration).

Save your seat in the Circle

So sorry, you’ve missed registration for this Circle season. Please email us to inquire if there is still room in this season’s Circle and about Circle public events you can join in the meantime. Registration for NEXT season opens in August.