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Studio Events

LWY Studio Events

Looking for inspiration or something a little more than practice? Take your yoga beyond the regular schedule and into a deeper relationship with seasonal shifts, explore learning opportunities, and engage in community connection. Special Events at Life’sWork Yoga include yoga mini-retreats, opportunities for Yoga study, complimentary modality workshops and community events. Let us know what special events you’d like to see here!

Inspired Shift

An invitation to join ​a small group of like-minded imperfect humans who are also facing shifts in their lives for 8-weeks of guided conversations, reflections, practices and prompts designed to help you shift.

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Yoga BOOK Club

Yoga Book Club is an opportunity to connect, learn and share the practice of yoga beyond the mat. Together will will study (swadyaya) the teachings and practices of yoga by collaboratively reading yoga texts. Book Club supports BOTH virtual and in-studio attendance. October/November: The Great Work of your Life by Stephen Cope. Feb & March Title: The Wandering Mind by Jaime Kreiner April & May Title: The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho June Title: Community Share


Full Moon Celebration

With the powerful energy of the full moon in combination with the beautiful vibrations of a sound bath, we will create a safe place to release what no longer serves us, rest, and reflect throughout a RESTorative yoga practice and receive and heal through the vibrations of various healing instruments. Class includes: restorative yoga, a sound bath, and a fire releasing ceremony.


Drum Circle

The rhythm of drumming is easy for our bodies to take in, as was the rhythm of our mother's heartbeat. Drumming can be relaxing as well as energizing. Drumming with others brings with it many benefits. Taking part in a drumming circle attunes us to the invisible energy that exists between us while uniting us in a common purpose. Come when you can, bring a drum or any instrument, or borrow one of ours, or share a poem, a song, a gem or other personal talent or passion! All welcome.


Intro to Thera-Yoga Movement Therapy SERIES

Yoga for Every BODY. Thera-Yoga is the integration of traditional and innovative yoga, a blending of science and spirit. This 4-session series is ideal for those new to the practice or in need of adaptation guidance and support due to injury, pregnancy, or personal challenge. Abundant use of props such as chair, bolster, blocks, therapy balls, and resistance bands may be included.


Tarot & Tea

What is tarot? It’s a tool to cultivate insight. A deck of cards with 4 suits (cups/coins/swords/wants) from 1-10, a Prince, Princess, King, and Queen. Each card is assigned literal and interpretive meaning. Jacquie, an amateur tarot dabbler, shares her passion and playful take on tarot by providing a 15-minute reading for each guest (private or a communal reading). Tea and light refreshment will be available for others to gather and socialize as the readings take place.


Prenatal/Fertility Teacher Training

The Fertility Journey and YOGA: Introduction and overview of the Fertility Journey from Menses to Menopause, Gestation to Adoption, to Gender Identity and beyond. Open to Yoga Teachers, birth workers, gender therapists or yogis deepening their own understanding of the fertility journey. Three weekends of LIVE training (in-person and virtual enabled) and digital learning content via Inspired! app.
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Thera-Yoga Somatic Teacher Training

Touch, Tools & Techniques. Learn principles & practices of yoga therapy for the public class setting (& personal practice). Content includes philosophy, anatomy, asana, pranayam and meditation to support those needing transitional practice due to injury, over-use, under-use, or mis-use. 6 weekends October-March.

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20/20 Vision Casting

There is no better time than the start of a new year to get really clear on your life's path, where you've been and more importantly, where you're going... Join Kimberlyn for a guided experience to build an inspiring, tangible VISION for your best year yet!

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OnPurpose Living (a yoga based life planning workshop)

The power of intention and focus is not a secret. The tools are not new, nor are they really complicated, and yet so few of us actually take the time to do the work of planning for our daily living. OnPurpose Living is a seasoned yoga-based coaching program to guide and direct the writing (the first draft) of your Life’sWork Plan using a 10-step strategy in this day-long mini workshop. No writing experience required. Registration closes the WEDNESDAY prior to workshop date.