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Studio Events

Our Studio Events

Looking for inspiration or something a little more than practice? Take your yoga beyond the regular schedule and into a deeper relationship with seasonal shifts, explore learning opportunities and engage in community connection. Special Events at Life’sWork Yoga include yoga mini-retreats, opportunities for Yoga study, complimentary modality workshops and community events. Let us know what special events you’d like to see here!

Inspired Shift

An invitation to join ​a small group of like-minded imperfect humans who are also facing shifts in their lives for 8-weeks of guided conversations, reflections, practices and prompts designed to help you shift.

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Yoga BOOK Club

Yoga Book Club is an opportunity to connect, learn and share the practice of yoga beyond the mat. Together will will study (swadyaya) the teachings and practices of yoga by collaboratively reading yoga texts. Book Club supports BOTH virtual and in-studio attendance. Fall Title: Sacred Sound: Discovering the myth & meaning of Mantra & Kirtan by Alanna Kaivalya. Winter Title: Sitting on the Toolbox by Bhantee Sujatha. Spring Title: How Yoga Works by Geshe Michel Roach


Coach's Chat

Coach's Chat is a virtual gathering of those seeking authentic connection in a safe and supportive community. Coach Kimberlyn answers questions and shares life lessons for living an Inspired Life via the practices of Transparent Alignment. Zoom link shared in confirmation email when registered.
Offered WEEKLY.


New to Yoga

Explore the most common yoga practices of breathing and moving (including an all-level introduction to the practice of Yoga) review LWY class types and treatments and take a tour of LWY studio.



Storytime is a virtual conversation for authentic connection to explore the practice of Inspired Living. Coach Kimberlyn shares life lessons for living an Inspired Life and interviews inspiring people to share their stories of inspiration, passion and purpose.


Open House

Join us to celebrate our first year in our NEW STUDIO!!! (Please wear a mask unless fully vaccinated). Join us to celebrate our community, the new studio space and the next chapter for our shared practice at Life'sWork Yoga!


20/20 Vision Board Workshop (2023)

Most of us have fleeting ideas of what we want to be, do or have in our lives. But they remain just that, fleeting! After all, who has time to intentionally get clear about what we want to create? There is no better time than the start of a new year to get really clear on your life's path, where you've been and more importantly, where you're going... Join Kimberlyn for a guided experience to build an inspiring, tangible VISION for your best year yet!


Heart Matters: Restorative yoga & hot stone therapy

a self-love practice of restorative yoga and hot stone therapy. Join Kimberlyn Cahill for a gentle movement practice progressing though a series of restorative poses while enjoying the warmth of hot stone therapy and hands on assists to enhance the embodiment of love.
Registration closes Wednesday prior to workshop date.