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Tag: play

Life as a Creative Practice

Creativity as a Practice “There are no rules to creativity.” At least according to Laura Jaworski. Whether you consider yourself creative or not, for many, creativity is both completely captivating and entirely frightening. Perhaps Laura’s...

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I see YOU!

I see you! No, I'm not playing Hide-and-Seek and, honestly, I'm not stalking you. Well, maybe a little on FaceBook :). What I really mean is that I want to see you. I want you...

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Have you had your play today?

I take a daily (almost) vitamin. I eat right and sleep consistently. I try to pay my bills on time. I’ve recently reduced caffeine drastically, and as a yoga teacher, I’m pretty active. I do...

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Wanna Play?

Wanna play? This weekend I introduced a room of yoga trainees to the concepts of “Advanced” yoga postures and play for the aerial practice. For some, “advanced” instantly assumes twisting and folding the body into...

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