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I see YOU!

Little girl sitting on father's shoulders

I see you!

No, I’m not playing Hide-and-Seek and, honestly, I’m not stalking you. Well, maybe a little on FaceBook :). What I really mean is that I want to see you.
I want you to feel safe enough to let me (and others) see and know the real you. I want you to know the sense of comfort that comes when you are seen, accepted and loved for being who you are, just as you are (warts and all!).

One of my deepest practices is to see people for who they are in their truth and at their core, myself included. I actively practice the skills of seeing you, seeing the REAL you. My practice is far from perfect, but its an intentional dedicated and on-going practice, guided by external expertise (a coach!) and inspired by an intention to be authentic and connected to my community: YOU!

I aspire to see not just thru my eyes but from my heart to yours. To me this is a way to practice AHIMSA (non-harming) which is the principle philosophy of yoga. I want to see who you really are and witness the consequences of your lived experience as it relates to how you show up today.

What does this practice look like?  I ask a lot of questions. LOL. Maybe you’ve noticed? As an attempt to see and understand your story, I ask a lot of questions to help you share your story.

It can be hard to be seen. And even harder to answer questions you don’t have answers for! I’d even say its a bit risky to be vulnerable enough to be seen, to let others in to see our whole selves and share even bits of our story. It feels like being EXPOSED.

{Flashback to dreams of arriving at school or work completely naked!!!}

Sorry, I had a moment of panic. There are plenty of things I don’t want you to see about how I’ve behaved in my past, how I’ve reacted in defense and retaliated in anger; how I’ve failed to Reframe from Love and assumed UGLY things about you, me and the world. I bet you have some of those moments, too. But, honestly, I’m not looking for those things, however, they do help me understand you (and me!) and recognize the moments when you shined, the times you thrived, achieved and soared!

Who we are is within the culmination of all these stories. Who we are is a direct result of how we integrate the experiences and lessons of all these stories, the highs and the lows. The stories expose our human-ness and our journey. When I see your raw human-ness it invites me to share mine. When I share my story with you, it means I trust you to hear it with compassion (AHIMSA) and know that I am more than a single example of my behavior or a grade on my report card, even if that moment was a good one!

Thank you for seeing me and letting me see YOU!

Nothing makes me happier than when I see more and more of you connecting and finding ways to share stories, moments and our lives. So, whether you pop in for a yoga class, treat yourself to some body work (yoga therapy, massage, ayurveda), or join us for a workshop, coaching circle or training event… I invite you to linger with a cup of tea on the Big Red Couches. You might just find a new friend, make a new connection or discover a new truth. I can guarantee, if you allow yourself to just be here, you will be seen! And that, my friend is a beautiful thing!

May you breathe deeply, move freely, labor lovingly and live vibrantly.