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If you can’t tell what it is, it’s probably okay to throw it out

Throw It Out

So, I’ve been pretty busy this summer, (you know opening up a new studio and all), so grocery shopping and meal planning has really fallen to my husband and kids. Needless to say, when I get home from a 14-hour day, I squat (malasana, my personal yoga practice!) in front of the refrigerator to scavenge for something to eat. What do I find? I ACTUALLY DON’T KNOW! See I’m married to a Japanese man and we have three teenage kids. I have a hard time pronouncing most of his favorite comfort foods, let alone recognizing them once stashed into the back of the fridge. Add to the mix the random, rejected “left-overs” and almost-empty containers from the teenagers, and I hear “there’s no food” a lot. They aren’t wrong. Hence, I’ve been eating a lot of PBJs and egg sandwiches (not together, that’d be gross!). In fact, last Friday, I ate only acronym foods. I had a PBJ for breakfast, a BLT for lunch, and yes, I picked up KFC for dinner. (I regretted that last decision for sure!) But let’s get back to my refrigerator.

What I’ve learned is that when something isn’t recognizable, it probably isn’t appetizing either, which means I’m NOT going to eat it. Now here’s the real wisdom… there is a point to this story, after all. I’ve been shuffling around unidentifiable “food stuff” all summer long. Its time to clean the refrigerator!

So here’s my question for you: What are you holding onto that has no purpose or no benefit? That’s not to say that IT wasn’t tasty or valuable at some point, it just means your needs are different or have changed. For example, Peter (my beloved) loves natto (fermented soy beans). If I was REALLY hungry, I’m sure I could eat his natto! Have you seen it (or smelled it)? I’m just NOT that hungry. 🙂 So whereas it serves him, it doesn’t serve me. For me, its just something that takes up space and makes the fridge look “full” but really has nothing to offer (me). When the fridge is full, I think we have food. In other words, there is no space for what I want, like, or need. So I don’t even go to the grocery! Full disclosure: this is not practicing my worth or honoring my self-care commitment!

Now for the invitation. You deserve to fill your fridge with the yummy foods that nourish your soul and your body (and so do I!). The same is true with the rest of (y)our world. Fill it with people who inspire and encourage you (for me, that’s you!), engage in activities that are nourishing and fun (like yoga!), invest in self-care practices that help you reset and restore. If you need ideas, I can help!

NOW, as we shift to fall and resume the school schedule (even if you aren’t going back to school), is the perfect time to recommit to your self-care and wellness priorities. Let’s think about it using this fridge analogy. Fill it with all the things you see and instantly love and want to eat! Start with the most important (fresh veggies and fruit) and then add in indulgences and sweet delights (like ice cream!) These are all great ways to spice up the flavors and rekindle your passion for the taste of life! However you choose to fill your fridge, please know (1) we at Life’sWork Yoga and Namaste Studios are here to help refill and restore your sense of well-being and ease and (2) that seeing you in my “fridge” brings me joy and delight!

Breathe deeply, move freely, labor lovingly and live vibrantly,