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Virtual Programs

Practice With Us Remotely

Need more flexibility in your practice schedule or just prefer to practice anywhere at anytime? Asynchronous practices are offered for ALL levels and interests.

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30-day Challenge to GROW your practice

Are you ready to shift? Are you ready to transform? Are you ready to RENEW your practice? being the best you possible? If, “YES!” then you are ready for Life’sWork Spring RENEWAL, a 30-day Challenge to renew your commitment to daily Practice.

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Virtual Studio

Invest in your self-care and secure your relationship with intentional practice with UNLIMITED yoga classes (and so much more!) with Life'sWork Yoga VIRTUAL PRACTICE LIBRARY in the Inspired! app. $10 a month. (You may cancel at any time).

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Intro to Yoga Therapy

This 12-week series supports you in learning about your body, restoring balance and alignment, and recalibrating neuro-muscular imbalace (due to over-use, under-use, miss-use and even unintended abuse).

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Prenatal Yoga Series

This 4-video series supports you in learning about your body, restoring balance and alignment, and preparing for life during and after pregnancy. Prenatal Yoga series will help you create a personal practice to prioritize self-care and help you breathe deeply, move freely, labor lovingly and live vibrantly.

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Inspired Shift!

Inspired Shift is an 8-week collaborative adventure designed to help you shift from:
-disconnected to aligned & inspired
-overwhelmed to confident & clear
-bored to engaged & passionate
and support you in cultivating curiosity, creativity, and courage for what’s next!
8-weeks of guided conversations, reflections, practices and prompts designed to help you shift, to navigate over, around and through the obstacles that prevent you from living intimately with inspiration in your relationships, your work, and your life.

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