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Tag: inspirational living

The value of story time?

I’m curious? Do you prioritize story time in your life? And I’m not talking about attending the toddler’s event at the library. I’m wondering if you make it a regular habit to seek out and...

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Kick-off for Loneliness

There is so much to celebrate as we step into the Autumn season: vegetables and fruits of our summer gardens, warm days and cool nights for Home Comings, harvest and Fall festivals and fairs in...

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Waiting Room of Life

Do you ever feel like you do more waiting than you do progressing? That’s how I feel right now. It reminds me of the old adage: Three steps forward, two steps back, which is fine...

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Change: to resist or to accept?

Change is inevitable. When we elect for change, we look forward to the shift. Think about it. When you change your hair style, or color, how do you feel when you get what you asked...

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What is your life’s work?

Wouldn't is be great if we all had a clear understanding of our purpose and our life's work? Last week I teased that I would attempt to offer a fool-proof strategy for discovering the specifics...

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Seva in Action

Last week I shared my thoughts about martyrs, heroes and servant leadership. Many of you reached out to share how this lesson spoke to you. Thank you for allowing me to be part of your...

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