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The value of story time?

Woman on chair with a childrens book

I’m curious? Do you prioritize story time in your life? And I’m not talking about attending the toddler’s event at the library. I’m wondering if you make it a regular habit to seek out and listen to stories.

The newspaper is a source of stories, as is facebook and instagram. But those aren’t the stories that generally fill us up and make us feel good. The stories I’m talking about are the once that make us want to cheer on the human race, give us the courage to begin again and inspire hope that we really are all connected.

Where do you find THOSE STORIES? If you have suggestions, please share!

I find them when I connect with real people living real lives. I find them when I connect with people like YOU!

What makes for a good story? Is a good story decided because it has a heroic main character, a believable series of events, or a satisfying resolution? Does it need to be relatable? Realistic? Reliable?

The last thing I want in my stories is a predictable end… and yet it’s exactly what I want most in my real life when things get harried. I want to know the outcome before I commit to the story!

  • Will I graduate? Before I apply for admission.
  • Can I afford it? Before I consider its value (and how it contributes to my wellness).
  • Will I enjoy it? Or be good at it? Before I even try and practice!

It sounds silly when I type it out like this, but that is the truth about how our brains work. They want us to be successful.

That’s not to say that some of us don’t jump off the cliff blindly… In fact, when I’m feeling confident, safe and loved, I have been known to jump off a few cliffs 😊

  • Doctorate school- I did graduate (though I’m still paying the tuition!)
  • Opening my own business (three times!)
  • Getting married (20 years and counting!)
  • Going LIVE on facebook! (though it’s still NOT easy!)

I didn’t know the outcomes for ANY of these stories… there were NO GUARANTEES offered. But I had an INTENTION that included these choices as worthy of being lived. In fact, these examples are milestones of achievement in my life because they contribute significantly to who I am and how I live my life. I know you have these milestones too! Do tell!

But I also have stories that ended poorly… at least on the surface. They didn’t end up like I’d expected or hoped. That is NOT TO SAY they were not valuable, but they were not comfortable! And if I am completely honest, they were uncomfortable because they were not in alignment with my true self. I bet you have some of these stories too. Transparent Alignment has helped me have fewer of these and more of the prior!

Inspired Living Boot Camp is a place to share your story and hear those of others. But what’s even better about Boot Camp is that it also teaches the daily practices of Transparent Alignment, which are the THREE secrets to Inspired Living: INTENTION, ATTENTION, & ACTION. I know it sounds simple, and it is. 🙂 You already have a basic understanding of what these practices involve, but without purposeful practice, we can never really be masterful! Let’s practice together!

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