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Watcha readin’?

The word focus out of focus illuminated by lights

What stories are you following these days? Is it something on the news or downloaded on your I-pad. I haven’t embraced the electronic book (yet?) as I am attached to the feeling of my fingers on the page and the weight of the book in my hands. It makes me feel connected to the story.

I’m not a luddite… really! But don’t ask my kids! I just really LOVE real connection, and that includes space, time, and energy… also known in my world as attention.

I talk a lot about ATTENTION. And don’t think it’s just ’cause I’m a middle child 🙂 I believe our attention is the greatest gift we can give one another. I talk about ATTENTION as it relates to our INTENTION and how it provides direction for our ACTION. As one of the cornerstones to Transparent Alignment, ATTENTION is the second of THREE SECRETS of Inspired Living. (The first is INTENTION!)

I first started to really think about attention when my eldest was diagnosed with “Attention Deficit Disorder” (ADD). I struggled with understanding the diagnosis because I knew she had the ability for deep focus, but that she struggled to stay on task at school.

After years of research and trial and error, I now understand that the name is a bit of a misnomer. Attention Deficit relates specifically to the executive functioning component of attention. But there is more to attention that “executive functioning”. SO MUCH MORE!

Attention is a form of energy. When we learn to focus our attention on the things that are in agreement with our best self, our intention, our energy is like a laser beam of purpose and power. Yet many of us are wasting this powerful resource on things that, well, to put it frankly, aren’t worth it. It’s time to get clear and it’s time to get focused!

If you carried your entire bank account in your pocket, but your pocket had a hole, how quickly would you find a way to seal up the hole?

This is  how I feel about misdirected attention.I want to seal the leak as quickly as possible and that requires that I identifying the source.

When we apply a diagnosis, or label something by giving it a name, shape, significance, it can give us a sense of clarity and validation. “We aren’t crazy, this is a thing!” But it can also stigmatize the circumstances and create a (perhaps, unintentional) feeling of inadequacy or deficiency. Life is hard enough with creating more labels to qualify our value and worth.

Circumstances like my child’s ADD diagnosis were difficult because the school norm and medical industry needed to label and diagnose her as deficient. I just wanted to support her in learning and connecting with her peers. From circumstances like this, where there is a disconnect between intentions, is where I learned to “Reframe from Love”. And what I mean by that is actively choosing to give others the benefit of the doubt when it comes to their intentions. I had to actively set aside fears that the school didn’t care if my daughter was successful, that she gained confidence and self-worth at school. I had to continually rewrite the thoughts in my head that the medical team were as interested in treating her as they were in diagnosing. This was hard and it took a lot of energy. Instead,I chose to redirect my attention to what I could do and how I could be an advocate for her.

What are you paying attention to? They say what we pay attention to grows, and yet a watched pot never boils. Why the mixed messages? Because when the intention and the attention are not in alignment, we send mixed messages and even our own brains get confused!

Inspired Living Boot Camp will help you learn to focus your attention, just like it’s helped those who have participated in early sessions. If you want to live with passion and purpose, Inspired Living Boot Camp is your ticket!

Let’s begin again. Let’s harness the energy of attention and build your inspired life!

Much love,


P.S. Inspired Living Boot Camp is a place to share your story and hear those of others. But what’s even better about Boot Camp is that it also teaches the daily practices of Transparent Alignment, which are the THREE secrets to Inspired Living: INTENTION, ATTENTION, & ACTION. I know it sounds simple, and it is. 🙂 You already have a basic understanding of what these practices involve, but without purposeful practice, we can never really be masterful! Let’s practice together! Join me for a FREE peak into Inspired Living!

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