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What does HOPE look like?

Yellow dandelions

As Spring starts to peek out of the earth in the form of green shoots of crocus and daffodil, new leaves bud on deciduous trees and dandelions pop out of nowhere, optimism is renewed by the familiar cycle of change!

Mars, the god of war, is the name sake of March. At one time, March was considered the first month of the year and corresponded to the return of active war after the Winter Season.  In so many ways, I feel like the battle and wars have gone on long enough. Are we any closer to peace? I’m ready for the renewal of life, a fresh start and permission to begin again. So, yes, I’m kind of ready for a NEW year!

The new year energy of SPRING feels like HOPE to me. A quick google search defines HOPE as:

  1. a feeling of expectation and desire for a certain thing to happen and
  2. a feeling of trust

I don’t know about you, but I could use a little dose of BOTH!

What are you hoping for? In what are you placing your trust?

March is also noted as Women’s Month, with International Women’s Day occurring on March 8. This year, we celebrate the theme: Valiant Women of the Vote. Voting is a beautiful opportunity to speak our truth. Democracy allows us to accept responsibility for our contribution to the process through the ACT of voting. Maybe one INSPIRED ACTION for the month of March is to register to vote if you aren’t already.

Later in the month, we have the St. Patrick’s Day (3/17) celebration and the Spring Equinox (3/19). Easter and Passover don’t arrive until next month, but the process of preparing has already begun for most. The grocery store has been displaying Reese’s eggs and Passover foods for weeks! What celebrations help awaken the Spring energy of fresh starts, new beginnings and HOPE?

The next few weeks, I will be exploring HOPE. What it looks like, feels like and WHY & HOW to cultivate it. But before I share my thoughts, I’d love to hear from you. So today, I invite you to share your thoughts. What does Spring mean to you? What does hope look like for you?