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Ready for What’s Next?

Red flowers on stems

You don’t have to know what’s next or even to know when it will arrive, but preparing for what’s next happens in the now.

Being prepared means we have done the practice diligently, practiced the skills and taken time for rest so that we are not worn out when the moment of shift arrives.

My biggest mistake for many years was NOT resting. And so what happened next was never pretty.

Breathe. Move. Rest. That’s my secret. When I don’t know what to do, when I don’t know THE NEXT RIGHT STEP, I ask: Is this a moment to breathe, move, or rest? Keeping it simple helps me quiet the chatter and focus my attention on what matters most right NOW.

Breathe means we power up, we fill ourselves with the resources we need to do life. This includes breath, of course, but also good food and healthy relationships. The sources of positive energy!

Then we apply that energy to our work by giving our attention to the things that matter most, the things the reflect and honor our values.

After the work, after effort has been made, even before  “IT” might be done, we pause for digestion, integration and rest.

This step is key! And the reason it’s so important is that as long as we are alive and breathing there will be more work to be done. More tasks to accomplish, more problems to fix, more hearts to be tended. BUT… we cannot serve from an empty cup. Self-care comes first and rest is a responsibility no one else can do for us. In other words, you cannot delegate the digestion of your food any more than you can delegate the restoration or your muscles and mind.

Breathe. Move. Rest. Is a strategy that has helped me be ready for a lot of unexpected nexts. So although I don’t know when the next big thing will arrive, I know I will be ready because I practice.

When I practice #BreatheMoveRest  I know I’ll be ready as best I can. And that is enough.