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Can you do it?

Black message board with red roses

Ready for a challenge?

Find a mirror. Look at yourself and say:


I’m not kidding. If you can’t say it to yourself, how can you expect it to hear it or receive it from others. Fortunately our love from others is NOT dependent on our love of ourselves, and yet, maybe it is?

Learning to love should come easy, but given real life circumstances it doesn’t always happen that way. The good news is that acts of LOVE are learn-able and that means we can get better at loving through intentional practice of doing loving things, for ourselves and for others. Isn’t that what Valentines day is all about?!?

Do you know what an ACT of Love is? It varies, yes, and yet there are some really great stand bys.

  • saying “I love you”.
  • attention (just listening or sitting with another)
  • doing a kindness or act of service (especially if you don’t wanna)
  • a kind touch (with permission)
  • an encouraging word

We can show love to ourselves in similar ways. Practicing yoga is a way I show love to myself everyday.

In case a little voice popped up in fear: Self-care is NOT selfish!

I hear it ALL.THE.TIME. We express fear of being (or worse perceived as) selfish if we do the things that make us feel good and happy. Hear me now, IT IS NOT SELFISH to take care of ourselves!

After all, WE cannot support others when we become depleted. If we don’t practice compassion towards are selves we will become depleted, sooner or later. Practicing self-care is a practice of love, love for ourselves and love for our dear ones. Love is NEVER wrong.

I double dog dare you… love yourself!