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Find Your Joy and Repeat

Find Your Joy and Repeat

Happiness is said to have three ingredients: something to do, something to love, something to hope for.

In my coaching and teaching, I’ve learned that modern humans have no shortage of things to do. However, many of these to-do list things lack the potency to cultivate joy. Additionally, many people lack “love” in the way they want it. Understanding how we prefer to receive love and how we feel most competent to express love is a practice in it of itself. But I think the greatest challenge is actually the third component: hope, Almost EVERYONE feels (at times) a disconnect from hope. Transparent Alignment teaches us how to clarify our to-dos, cultivate our loves and live in the tangible abundance of hope.

What makes you happy? What brings you joy? How do you cultivate a sense of keep-on-keeping-on? How are you inspired to show up, really show up, in all your essence? How do you spread your light? Reply and tell me how you cultivate hope.  Or what’s not working… we can start there!

If you’re unclear or unsure, if these questions are hard, rest assured, they’re supposed to be hard. When we work hard, we can get clear quick! But I can help! I can teach you how to live vibrantly, labor lovingly, move freely and breathe deeply. I can teach you how to live in abundant hope! I can teach you to live in Transparent Alignment with your best self.

by Victoria Safford

“Our mission is to plant ourselves at the gates of hope -
Not the prudent gates of Optimism,
Which are somewhat narrower;
Nor the stalwart, boring gates of Common Sense;
Nor the strident gates of self-righteousness …
Nor the cheerful, flimsy garden gate of ‘Everything is gonna be all right’;
But a very different, sometimes very lonely place,
the place of truth-telling, about your own soul first of all and its condition;
The place of resistance and defiance;
The piece of ground from which you see the world;
Both as it is and as it could be,
as it might be, as it will be;
the place from which you glimpse not only struggle;
But joy in the struggle – and we stand there;
Beckoning and calling, telling people what we are seeing;
Asking people what they see.”

However you chose to study, and whoever your teacher, dive into finding your life’s work so that you can increase your vibrancy and joy! If you’d like to learn more about how I can serve as a Companion Guide for you to discover your own Transparent Alignment, I would be honored! Just reply “I want more” to this love note! Know someone who could benefit from what we offer at Life’sWork Yoga and Namaste Studios? Please share. Let’s spread the joy!

Breathe deeply, move freely, labor lovingly and live vibrantly,