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Gratitude… it’s a practice

As weird as it may sound, I am grateful that a bicycle accident almost killed me.

I’m especially grateful that it didn’t 🙂 and instead afforded me the opportunity to learn and grow through it.

Since I didn’t die in 2008, I was forced to take almost a year “off” from my life to rest and recover. If it weren’t for the accident, I don’t know if I’d ever have realized how deeply broken my strategy for life had become.

Likewise, I am grateful for the space COVID-19 has opened in my head and heart. I never would have expanded my work in the way that this new VIRTUAL WORLD mandated.

  • I’m grateful that I was able to rebuild my life in 2008.
  • I’m grateful I have been able to redesign my business in 2021.
  • I’m grateful for my husband, Peter and his patience during my recovery and ever challenge of the past 22 years of married life.
  • I’m grateful that I was introduced to the practice of yoga.
  • I am eternally grateful for the lesson of prioritizing self-care and rest.

I’m not ready to say I’m grateful for COVID restrictions, and certainly not the lives lost, but I am grateful that Yoga made my experience significantly more manageable and enabled me to find the potential for growth and connection within those challenges. Yoga made it better.

I am honored that this journey of practice and inquiry has brought me to connect with you. This is my life’s work.

  • How may I support you?
  • How may I help you to breathe deeply, move freely, labor lovingly and live vibrantly?

Since getting clear about what the content of my life’s work, I can better see what is NOT mine and let it go without burden. The yogi’s say “Neti, Neti.” (“Not this, not that.”) This shift of letting go of what is NOT my work has freed so much time and conserved a ton of “lost” energy. Sharing these tools and strategies is my life’s work, and it’s through the practice that we learn these new ways of living our every day life, one breath, one moment, one day at a time. It would be an honor to share these practices and tools with you. Join me for a Circle, a book study, a practice or a Chat. I absolutely believe that with practice we can cultivate connection, build authenticity and align with inspiration to live vibrantly every day!

Be well,