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Hug Therapy

Handwritten note

In an interview last week, conducted via zoom from my home “office” (aka my master bathroom) I was asked if I am a hugger or a hand shaker.

Is this question still relevant today? I fear it’s extinction. 🦖

For those of you who know me, you know I am a hugger… In fact, that’s probably an understatement. I use a hug to say, “hello”, a hug to say, “good by”, a hug to say, “I see you”, a hug to say, well just about anything.

In this time of social distancing, we have to call upon our visualization skills to feel the hugs of loved ones, especially if isolated alone. Social distancing is not a permanent solution, we will return to social interaction and connection. This is simply a coping strategy given the current crisis for those most at risk.

We need hugs to thrive, but first we need to survive. Real time hugs will have to wait. But virtual hugs are all the more needed NOW!

Research has shown we need hugs at all ages and for many benefits:

  • enhance self-esteem
  • reduce stress
  • lower heart disease (and get this!),
  • boost our immune system!

Please know that I am sending you an energetic, virtual hug. Can you feel it?

A quality hug is a beautiful way to say, “We are in this together.”

Here are some ways to connect for a virtual hug:

  • NEWLY EXPANDED LIVE virtual classes offered weekly: Please pre-register using the online portal. Pay ONLY if you can. Yes, I need the income, but the practice is available to ALL WHO NEED IT!
    • Meditation & Restoration (Mondays 9:30/10am)
    • Gentle (Mondays 5pm)
    • Thera-Yoga (Wednesdays 10am)
    • Gentle (Wednesdays 5pm)
    • Pranayam & Challenge (Fridays 10am)
  • LWY Book Club: (Tues. April 28, 7:30-9pm)
  • Storytime: Tuesdays at 9am on LWY Facebook Page
  • Coach’s Chat: Thursdays at 12:30pm via Zoom for members of Inspired Living: Its a practice Facebook Group (free to join!)


I hope you are well… I hope you are safe. I continue this prayer as a mantra to support our global healing.

Wishing YOU abundance of health AND hope!

-kimberlyn 🙂