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Intention as Mantra

Doodles of characters in yoga poses

Happy New Year!!!

Are you a resolution setter? A Vision Board builder? A dreamer, a planner, or a fly-by-the seat-of-your-pants-er? Or are you a nay-sayer when it comes to setting intentions and aspirations for life or your “Bucket List”?

I am definitely a dreamer and a planner, but over the years I have grown more and more comfortable being flexible in how those plans unfold, allowing me to enjoy more of my life. My favorite, most convenient strategy for maintaining balance between compulsive, obsessive planning and healthy flexibility is to get clear on my values and then simplify them into easy to remember statements. The catchier, the better. 😊 Add a hashtag and you intensify your coolness factor!

These statements are based on my values and support the shifts I’m intentionally cultivating for personal growth. Once familiar, these phrases become my mantra or prayer during meditation. By reciting them in the safe space of meditation practice or as an intention focus for journaling, these phrases become accessible with less effort during my day-to-day living.

These go-to phrases have helped reprogram my thoughts, enabling me to spend less time in negative thought patterns and more time cultivating optimism and hope. You probably know my favorite mantras: I use them ALL.THE.TIME.You are welcome to use them until you find your own 🙂

Here are some of my favorites:

  • For cultivating balance: “Breath. Move. Rest.”
  • For when things aren’t going according to plan: “Begin Again”.
  • When struggling to show up as my best self: “It’s a practice.”
  • For fostering trust: “I’m enough.”

I’ll talk more about how these mantras show up in my life in future newsletters, so be sure to check your in-box or visit my blog. There’s both video options via Storytime and written content. Take your pick. Lots of topics to peruse!

Don’t miss this opportunity to begin again with the new year. Take a moment and consider what your best life looks like. I’d love to hear your reflections, thoughts and intentions … I’d love a glimpse into your 20/20 vision! I’m here to support you in that journey!

Why not let 2020 be the year you cultivate clear vision and passionate purpose!

Let’s #BeginAgain!

It’s been said that there are three ingredients to happiness.

  • Something to do (i.e. yoga)
  • Something to love (i.e. yoga) and
  • Something to hope for. (i.e. more yoga)

I only tease about #itsallyoga. But sincerely, do you have these three things in your life?

Yoga is the practice to cultivate joy, happiness and inspiration!

If you’re practice isn’t cultivating joy and happiness, something needs to shift. If you’re not sure about HOW you want to show up or for WHAT you want to make space for, join me for a workshop and I’ll help you connect with your INTENTION and support your practice of yoga as a way of living in inspiration!

  1. Inspired Living Boot Camp (starts 1/13/20)
  2. Vision Board Workshop on 2/8/20

Stay tuned for our STUDIO RE-OPENING and resuming of our regular yoga schedule. Fingers crossed for Jan 15 move-in! In the meantime, check out the Virtual Studio for lots of practice options!

Wishing YOU abundance of love, peace and happiness AND permission from yourself to BEGIN AGAIN.

-kimberlyn 🙂