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It’s a practice

Woman sitting on bed with coffee writing in journal

As is typical in January, it takes a few weeks to settle into the New Year. I notice it most when I write the date… I wrote a few checks this week, which in itself is atypical in this electronic age, right!?!

Are you noticing shifts? I love to “catch” signs of change and shift, like a new building project breaking ground, a new perspective shared by a friend, or a new healthy habit becoming more accessible.  These signs remind me of impermanence and in turn to be grateful for that which is NOW, because it too shall pass.

The weather just shifted from snow to sleet. It feels very different though both are types of precipitation. Perspective is everything!

Want to hear something funny? I was concentrating so much on writing the date accurately on my check that I actually wrote the date in the amount box! That’s not gonna work! #its a practice

What are you practicing? What are you repeatedly doing with intention? What are you giving your attention to? Why?

Perspective shift is why I practice Mantra. There are just some thoughts and practices that are not yet my norm, but I want them to be. These are the ideas I capture in a simple phrase and recite them during my daily meditation/prayer/quiet time.

I’ve shared two of my favorite mantras already this month: Begin again and Breathe. Move. Rest.

I’d love to hear from you? What mantra or affirmation are you using (or trying to use) to keep your mindset healthy and stay connected to your best self?

Today I want to share another of my favs: It’s a practice.

Although I use this mantra more during my living moments of the day than exclusively during my meditation time, it helps me reset when I feel myself sliding into judgment or self-doubt.

Do you have moments of self-doubt?

I think we all do, but not all of us recognize them as rooted in falsehood or untruths. And if we do, then we practice narrowing the time between thought and noticing the thought. So we can #beginagain.

And that takes practice. Practice by way of intention (to shift), attention (to notice) and to take action (choose to think something different). By the way, these are the practice I teach in Inspired Living Boot Camp! 😊

For the record, let me set some things straight: I didn’t learn yoga at my first class. I didn’t learn parenting with my first child (sorry, Keiko!) I didn’t learn how to run a business because I went to business school and declared myself “open”. I didn’t learn positive self-talk the first time it was introduced to me.

All of these things were learned (and are still in process) though a practice of trial and error guided by study and coaching. That means I am practicing them imperfectly (we can’t wait to be masters!) while deepening my understanding and clarifying my intention so I can tweak and adjust… so I can grow in my practice of living by best life.

“It’s a practice” is a reminder that we are learning beings and an affirmation that learning is a process. What are you learning about being your best self?

Yoga is the practice to cultivate joy, happiness and inspiration!

If you’re practice isn’t cultivating joy and happiness, something needs to shift. If you’re not sure about HOW you want to show up or for WHAT you want to make space for, join me for an Inspiration Check-up.

Wishing YOU abundance of love, peace and happiness AND permission from yourself to practice being your BEST self!

-kimberlyn 🙂