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Practice Together

Practice Together

For me to stand together is a sign of our humanity and the support of one another. To laugh together is a means to share joy, and sorrow through connection and community. To practice together is permission to be imperfect in our efforts, but to stay the course, to continue the practice. This is the practice of yoga, the practice of living mindfully.

Step 1. Stand together.
Step 2. Laugh together.
Step 3. Practice together.

My yoga practice has really been all about learning to Stand together. Laugh together. and Practice together. In other words, my yoga practice was founded on the very simple task of just showing up! And thru the act of consistently showing up, I nurtured and found a community with whom I could stand together, laugh together, and practice together.

In contrast, much of my story before yoga was a lot about fixing in my self what others saw as undesirable (or at least that was my perception). Maybe you know what it’s like to feel you have to edit, dampen or even conceal your heart or brain from others who might not want to “deal” with all of you. I felt I needed to color my hair (I’ve been “graying” since I was 19!) and fix my smile and quiet my voice. Have you ever gone to great efforts to portray the “right” image to fit in only to spend the entire experience uncomfortable and out-of-sorts? I have too!

This out-of-sorts kind of effort is not what I mean by “showing up.”  I’m talking about showing up in a way that we can share our truest, deepest selves. But again, this sharing is not in an effort to prove ourselves “worthy” or to take responsibility for fixing another. I’m talking about being imperfect on every level, except in our intention to be authentic and our willingness to be vulnerable. I’m talking about showing up to be seen and prepared to see others in their perfectly imperfect selves. This is what it means to me to “show up” for practice. Whether it’s stepping on my yoga mat, meeting with a friend in need, or attending a conference with my child’s teacher, Practice Together is an invitation to show up every day in every way.

How can I support your practice to be vulnerable and authentic, to be perfectly imperfect, to show up just as you are?

Where ever this day finds you, know that I stand with you. I stand in support to discover your best self and living your best life! Now, let’s practice together.

May you breathe deeply, move freely, labor lovingly and live vibrantly,