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I am enough?

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Have you appreciated learning about my favorite Mantras and how they enrich and support my practice of living? I’ve shared three of my favorite mantras already this month: Begin again, Breathe. Move. Rest., and It’s a practice. Today I want to share “I’m enough.”

This one is a bit more personal. A bit more vulnerable.

Admitting that we have self-doubt is not comfortable. But if I am to practice authenticity and transparency, then it’s kind of essential.

So hear goes…

My greatest fear is not being enough. I fear disappointing others.

It’s never comfortable to show up at a pot-luck empty handed, or to arrive at a meeting having not done the prep-work, or to find myself in a situation that feels out of my league.

Because we are learning beings and learning takes time, it’s absolutely normal to feel like we are not enough when we are learning something new! It’s easier to conclude (I have more experience and familiarity) that when something goes south, it must be my fault. It’s not that I think I’m that powerful, it’s that I fear that I am that weak!

But fearing our enough-ness when we have experience and even cultivated expertise in the area of question, this is what I’m referring to when I ACTIVELY practice “I am enough.” I use it when I do the work and still feel that I’ve let someone down.

Where does this thought come from?

Yoga teaches we have three dimensions of our mind, the “manas”, the intellectual brain, the emotional heart and the intuitive belly. So if this thought “I’m NOT enough” comes from within me, which mind is telling me I’m not enough?

None of them!

Where does FEAR come from?

I understand fear, as distinct and perhaps the opposite of love (according to Marianne Williamson) is the root of our enough-ness anxiety. As such, I understand that this kind of thought comes from the disconnect (miss-alignment) between our human experience and our access to the Witness or divinity.

That’s the difference between knowing and practicing compassion. The Buddhists teach that we do not need to understand something in order to offer it compassion.  In other words, I don’t need to know WHY I have this thought to offer myself compassion in the experience of having it.

“I am enough” communicates that compassion. If I’m still struggling, then I add a secondary statement, “I am in process.”

Thanks for letting me share. I hope you can benefit from my story. I hope you feel a little more connected to who I am and who I want to be in the world.

I’d love to hear from you? How have mantras or affirmations supported you living to your best life?

Yoga is the practice to cultivate joy, happiness and inspiration!

If you’re practice isn’t cultivating joy and happiness, something needs to shift. If you’re not sure about HOW you want to show up or for WHAT you want to make space for, join me for an Inspiration Check-up.

Wishing YOU abundance of love, peace and happiness AND permission from yourself to practice being your BEST self!

-kimberlyn 🙂