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Anniversary- a look back

This is me…

on a cliff somewhere in Montana 25 years ago!

I was on a cross country bike ride, The Northern Tier, from Seattle, WA to Bar Harbor, ME. And then, because I literally had no where to go, I continued south thru Maryland! to Ashville, NC.

Twenty-five years ago, after 5000 miles and 3.5 months of living on my bike and sleeping in my tent, I finished my ride. My Aunt and God-mom picked me up on the side of the road and said in no uncertain terms: “Your ride is done. Get in the car!” (Forgive her for her worry). I don’t even know where we were, which mile marker I had climbed to.

When we’d reached Bar Harbor, ME, having finished the cross country part, I was greeted by family and we celebrated with Nestle Chocolate Chip cookie dough and took photos. This finish in the mountains of Western North Carolina was more of a “time to move on”. As one chapter ended, another began.

A lot has changed since then…

A lot of which started with this ride. Everyday offered a new path, taking me to a new place. The only constant was my bike and my gear, my breath and my heart’s longing for home.

After traversing 18 some states, I found my home in my now husband, Peter, shortly after concluding the ride. We celebrated 24 years of marriage last month. Our shared ride continues. 💜

On the tenth year anniversary of the start of my cross-country ride, I fell and nearly ended my story. I survived with a traumatic head injury requiring a year to recover. After the accident, I found Yoga. Yoga soon became my other home.

It’s been five years since I opened my own studio, Life’sWork Yoga. It’s been a bumpy ride, and yet ever day students show p to practice, to breathe, to move and to rest.

Now my rides are mostly to and from my yoga studio, Life’sWork Yoga, my constant companion my breath and the memory that I can do hard things.

Each adventure, on the mat, in the saddle, or sitting on the side waiting for my ride to end or begin, has helped me to grow and become a better version of myself. Some of the most important lessons include learning to:

  • be with myself
  • listen to myself
  • trust myself
  • love myself

I am grateful for Yoga. I am grateful for adventures. And I am grateful for you.