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Girl making funny face at camera

How are you?

Maybe, like me, you are a bit confused these days about HOW you are, and maybe even feeling a bit discombobulated in regard to WHO you are. That’s such a great word… dis-com-bob-YOU-lated!

A lot has changed and just when I think I’ve got “it” figured out, something shifts again! It’s easy to find something external to blame! I’m actually pretty good at it! 🙂 It even makes me feel a little better when “it’s not my fault”… but that feeling only lasts for a little while. Then I feel discombobulated AGAIN!

Remember, last week when I wrote (I said to myself):

“Life can get pretty complicated and feel overwhelming. Having simple, accessible practices that help you feel good and are good for you, can make all the difference in living an inspired life.”

Oh yeah. How did I forget? I got distracted and discombobulated!

Deep truths in that statement! Having a daily practice is choosing small things that we do consistently, regularly… because small things add up! WE CAN CONTROL some pretty powerful “small” things. These small things when done consistently, have potential for huge impact on the quality of our life! Can I get a “Yay, YOGA!”

I recently had a powerful reminder of this truth in talking with a graduate of LWY Teacher Training Program. She’s been a student for years, and quite honestly, every time she showed up for class I thought to myself… “Why does she keep coming? She’s so resistant to being seen, avoids vulnerability and rebels against to introspection.”

She was always good for a joke and shines a LIGHT of pure joy in her smile!

Class was now better because she was in it!

“I’ve struggled with maintaining good healthy habits my whole life,” at least that’s the story she’s been telling me (and herself!). Well, guess what? She’s now self-guiding a DAILY practice of Breathe. Move. Rest. and reaping huge benefits as a result. She said:

“Because I’m showing up for myself first thing in the morning [for practice] and doing something that is good for me (breathe, move, rest], the rest of the day is easy.”

“Thanks for the reminder!” I said.

How are you showing up for yourself? If we don’t show up for ourselves, we can’t really show up fully for anyone else. That’s why self-care has to be a priority. Simple strategies like Breath. Move. Rest. make all the difference in helping us cope with the discombobulated and things outside of our control.

So for now, I’m gonna Breathe. Move. Rest.

Be well!