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Holiday Survival: Begin Again

Woman holding a sparkler

Happy New Year!!!

I told you last month that Thanksgiving is my favorite Holiday… and it is.


my second favorite holiday is New Years!

not because I celebrate with a big party or even stay up late enough to watch the Ball drop. I love New Year’s because it’s the epitome of #BeginAgain!

New Year’s offers ALL OF US a clean slate and a fresh start. This intention combined with winter’s crisp cold days (and the cleansing brightness of snow) of the northern hemisphere, seals this energy of hope and optimism.

My favorite way to celebrate New Year’s is deep rest and personal reflection. In fact, I’ll go to bed early tonight and rise with purpose tomorrow morning to review my Life’sWork Plan (a powerful document that supports my daily living with inspiration and in Transparent Alignment. Don’t have one, I can help!). I’ve done this every year since my accident, and it is a powerful way to #beginagain!

How will you celebrate the New Year? I hope you’ll be joining me in the studio (virtual or our soon to open local studio) for a practice, a workshop or just to pop in for a hug! In fact, I will be hosting a Vision Board Workshop on December 5. This is an excellent beginning for writing your own Life’sWork Plan. Stay tuned for the Life’sWork Plan Writing Workshop (it’s coming!!!)

Permission to Begin Again

Begin Again is one of my hashtags… a mantra for the electronic age, if you will. I have others too #itsallyoaga and #breathemoverest being my other two favs!

As someone who likes to achieve and prefers to always look for forward movement, cultivating the practice of starting over was a big deal, a REALLY big deal! I had to consciously give myself permission to let go of what I thought life should look like, embrace the reality of what was, and then breathe!

Sometimes I needed more than just ONE breath.

In the space of that breath, I found the COURAGE to begin again. That courage was not an answer, but rather the permission to NOT have the answer! The courage to just be.

Allowing the breath to be enough is a rich practice. In the breath, I find clarity and permission to re-strategize, to just be, and to begin again.

The last few months have required a lot of breathing and restrategizing, almost on a daily (if not hourly) basis. In case you don’t know this already about me, I preach from what I practice! I practice breathing every day!

A Daily Practice by Catherine Esposito Prescott is a poem I like to revisit when  pausing for breath is a struggle. Here is an excerpt:

Can you play with fear?

What he means is can you make a space within your fear for the grace of one breath?

Can you breathe in it, can you breathe through it?

Can you balance it with peace, with hope?

Peace and hope…. yes, please. Peace & Hope!

Peace with what is and what has been. Hope for what is to come!

How can you allow space to begin again? For yourself, for someone you love?

For me the hurdle is always fear, fear as the absence of love, trust and enough-ness. Combined, these three values embody the idea of ABUNDANCE. I want to know abundance!

Join me this New Year, to celebrate ABUNDANCE, all of it! In fact, I invite you to REPLY to this email and share what you are welcoming into your life, what you are ready to receive or what you will embrace as your next blessing.

Abundance… that is my 2020 Vision. Abundance of love, energy, and hope for us all!

Wishing YOU abundance of love and peace and permission from yourself to BEGIN AGAIN.

-kimberlyn 🙂