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Lessons Learned from Quarantine

Kimberlyn outdoors smiling at camera

Last week I shared with you a little bit about where I’m at with all of this…

Could you relate with the “COVID good enough” idea?

So today, I wanted to share the other side of my COVID/ Life in 2020 experience: The lessons I’ve gleaned from social distancing and related events.

My TOP TEN Lessons Learned from Social Distancing & COVID Pandemic

❏ Priority of personal safety precautions.

❏ By protecting ourselves we can protect others.

❏ Importance of celebrating small wins.

❏ Normality is a mind game ( I also learned that normalacy and normality can be used inter-changeably, English is so weird!).

❏ Expectations are a trap! (for Star Wars fans, add Admiral Ackbar’s voice)

❏ There is always enough space to offer compassion.

❏ Sharing the same community circumstances does not mean we face the same personal challenges.

❏ Now is always the best time to selflessly care for others.

❏ Crisis does not justify cruelty or isms of any form (to self or others!).

❏ Change is inevitable; the power of choice is immutable, even if all we can choose is our attitude. Reframe from Love!

What have you learned? I’d love to expand my list!