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Rescuer or Rescuee?

Blue poinsettia

Are you a rescuer or a rescuee? Is there a difference? I’ve never been one to play the princess needing to be rescued, but I do love the feeling of receiving love, encouragement and attention! (who doesn’t!?!) I always felt like the best kind of rescuer was one who was also rescued in return. I think they use something like that in the animal rescue campaigns. My friends who participate as foster parents (for pets and kids) always speak of the mutual rescuing that happens EVERY TIME! Never-the-less, I’m fascinated with what it takes to be both a rescuer and a rescuee. It takes courage, on both sides, to be seen and to be vulnerable. And it requires a lot of love!

I’ve watched a lot of rescuing happen this winter, birds, cats, dogs… Megan continues to rescue countless numbers of animals and brings them home for their final days. Andrea rescues seedlings and early spring sprouters (this is why I can’t weed my garden!). Kellee rescues “imperfect” vegetables and Gina rescued Bleu. Bleu is a fancy (note the spelling of her name) Christmas Poinsettia rescued from the local garden store all dressed in glitter! She was obviously dressed up and ready for a party, but unfortunately, she missed the grand event. Gina found her on clearance for 50 cents! Gina took her home, gave her a new pot, fresh soil and a beautiful window from which to feel the sun! Not only did Blue get a new home and a renewed lease on life, she’s growing out of the blue gown and returning to her own natural look. How exciting to be rescued and then allowed (encouraged even) to shed the protective marketing armor of “selling ourselves” to allow our own truth to sprout forth. For the record, I think Gina is shedding some of her old stuff (Marie Kondo style) and herself too! 😊

What I love about rescue stories is the inherent hope. The hope that attention will change the course or at least improve the process for both the rescuer AND the rescue. Now that sounds like Spring to me! What outer armor are you willing to shed? Maybe you’ve out grown it or maybe it never fit. What if you could grow into revealing your own beautiful self this Spring?

Yoga rescued me. First there was an ambulance and a lot of doctors, quite some time on bed rest, but then there was yoga… and breath… and healing. But I was rescued and then allowed (encouraged even) to shed the protective marketing armor of “selling ourselves” to allow my own truth to sprout forth. If you haven’t heard How Yoga Saved by Life, use this link. I like to think that I now help rescue yoga by sharing it with people who might not think of themselves as “yogis” by teaching the yoga philosophies and principles to modern, every day, regular people. I also “rescue” those lost in humdrum who are looking to live a more vibrant life. The answer is Yoga, but maybe I can be your Companion Guide as you sprout your own truth! Let’s rescue each other!

Share your rescue stories… we’d love to hear ALL the details!

May you breathe deeply, move freely, labor lovingly & live vibrantly.