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Resources for Inspired Living

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We need all the support we can get just to live our lives. Thats why we live in community. But when life gets “challenging”, we need connection and inspiration EVEN MORE! Here is a list of resources and practices I’ve compiled Just. For. You:


  1. Life’sWork Yoga Virtual studio: get a 30-day free trial!
  2. LIVE virtual classes offered weekly: Please pre-register using the online portal. Pay ONLY if you can. Yes I need the income, but the practice is available to ALL WHO NEED IT!
    • Meditation & Restoration (Mondays 10am/5:30pm)
    • Thera-Yoga (Wednesdays 10am)
    • Pranayam & Challenge (Wednesdays 5:30 & Fridays 10am)
    • Women’s Circle (3rd Tuesday 7:30-9pm)
    • Book Club (4th Tuesday 7:30-9pm)
  3. Inspired Living programs (adapted for at home access!)
    1. Yoga Living: a strategy for building a personal practice to live your best life
    2. Inspired Living 101: a FREE introduction to Inspired Living!
    3. Crafting a 20/20 Vision: a mini-retreat experience to reflect on your BEST LIFE and create a vision board as a tangible reminder
    4. OnPurpose Living: guided mini-retreat experience to write your Life’sWork Plan
    5. Inspired Living Boot Camp: six-week guided immersion to learn the practices of Inspired Living
    6. Inspired Living Mastery: yoga-based life coaching certification program (full launch coming ASAP!), especially helpful for yoga and wellness professionals looking to expand services and increase profitability as spiritual guides