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Tag: yoga

True Confessions of a Yoga Teacher

It’s been said that “You are as young as your spine is supple.” Easy to say, and yet maybe difficult to know what it means, especially given our unique personal stories and the realities of...

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Winter Blues

I’m having a bit of writer’s block… normally I find it easy to sit down and write out a few paragraphs about something that’s captured my attention in the recent days. I think my attention...

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Rescuer or Rescuee?

Are you a rescuer or a rescuee? Is there a difference? I’ve never been one to play the princess needing to be rescued, but I do love the feeling of receiving love, encouragement and attention!...

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What’s the Story?

These past few weeks, I’ve been leading an Inspired Living Coaching series with some of the most awesome individuals I’ve ever met. Some of you already know this because you are participating as one of...

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A Home Coming

Nine months is how long it took for me to gestate each of my three kids (actually Seiji actually opted for the 10-month plan, without approval, mind you!). Nine months is the time it took...

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