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The practice of happy

Kimberlyn smiling at camera

How’s your practice… I mean your practice of being happy, of finding joy, of cultivating vibrancy and vitality?

I saw this shared from a friend on Facebook and thought it was really worth sharing. I hope it offers you support and encouragement (and a reminder that happiness is greater than our circumstances!) Let’s #BeginAgain in living our best life!

The Habits of Supremely Happy People

  • They surround themselves with other happy people.
  • They smile when they mean it.
  • They cultivate resilience.
  • They try to be happy.
  • They are mindful of the good.
  • They appreciate simple pleasures.
  • They devote some of their time to giving.
  • They let themselves lose track of time. (And sometimes they can’t help it.)
  • They nix the small talk for deeper conversation.
  • They spend money on other people.
  • They make a point to listen.
  • They uphold in-person connections (we’ll get back to this soon!)
  • They look on the bright side.
  • They value a good mixtape.
  • They unplug.
  • They get spiritual.
  • They make exercise a priority.
  • They go outside.
  • They spend some time on the pillow.
  • They LOL.
  • They walk the walk.

Which practice speaks to you? Maybe you are already doing it, maybe you want to welcome it as a new daily habit. Reply and let me know where and how you cultivate the practice of happy.