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Timing Matters

white daffodils

I know people who collect images of hearts found in nature… rocks shaped like hearts, knots in trees shaped like hearts… you get the idea. Hearts are GREAT, but when I need a hug, seeing an image of a heart just doesn’t cut it. So maybe you can relate to my excitement from this mornings meditative walk in my garden. In fact, I worried a bit when climbing out of bed for my routine walk that there would be less inspiration to be found as the beauty of Spring starts to wither and #socialdistancing wanes on.

I was not disappointed. Not only did beauty abound, I found a hug, in nature! The late blooming daffodils had some heart-felt connection to share.

A heart-to-heart hug benefits our mental and physical health and happiness in very REAL ways:

  • Hugs can increase self-esteem.
  • Hugs enhance relationships.
  • Hugs can lower stress.
  • Hugs can lower the risk of heart disease.
  • Hugs can boost immunity.
  • Hugging is important for humans of ALL AGES!

Are you a hugger? I know not all of us are “huggers”. Knowing each other’s preferred Love Language is critical to knowing WHEN and IF to hug. For now, hugging may be off limits, but when we can, I know I want to give you a really good hug!

To make it a “good” one, one that benefits our neurological system, it has to last at least 20 seconds. All that practice with timed hand washing can be transferred to measuring hugs (soon!)