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What’s your story?

bookshelf filled with books

I’m collecting stories … they take up much less space then books :p (my other collection passion)! Have you seen my book shelf???

In collecting stories, I want to hear how your yoga journey began. How was it that you came to say “YES” to the practice? What did it mean to you at the time? What does it mean to you today? If you’re willing to share, reply and share or let’s connect in real time (via zoom or phone)!

I know some who were dragged, kicking and screaming to their first yoga practice, resisting even the idea of change and doubting yoga’s ability to improve their quality of living. I know others who went willingly enough, but weren’t looking for anything beyond a “good workout.”

I went quite willingly, invited by a friend after a season of severe brokenness and rebuilding my life. I had no interest in a “work-out” as my body was just beginning to “work” again as it was! I was however, enraptured by the invitation to work IN… to dive into the work of living more intimately with prana (spirit, energy, oneness) and inspiration.

We found an AMAZING PRACTICE for living vibrantly and intimately with inspiration. We felt more at ease in our own bodies and more equipped to breathe through even life’s most challenging tests. Additionally, I found my life’s work: sharing the teachings of yoga as a practice for better living, or as I call it: Inspired Living!

What did you find? Did it beckon you into deeper relationship? What’s next for your yoga journey? I want to help you increase intimacy and vibrancy!

For those of you who have yet to go back to class… I’m curious, what was it that didn’t click for you? How can I invite your to take another look at yoga, maybe even beyond the “practice” on the mat… maybe you’re willing to look at yoga as a way of breathing deeply, moving freely, laboring with love or just living more vibrantly. I’d love to be your guide to this practice!

I define yoga as the practice to integrate body, breath and mind for greater ease and alignment. These practices are much, much more than shapes (asana) made on a mat or breath cycles or sounds vocalized in chanting (pranayam) and even more than the bliss state promised by mindfulness and meditation experts. What does that even mean anyway?

Yoga is about learning to live in the inquiry (with the questions BEFORE there are answers) and cultivating joy in daily living on this ride we call life.


What’s your story? I’d love to listen <3