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Breathe. Move. Rest.

Kimberlyn laying on yoga mat

In times of shift, uncertainty and change, I want a strategy that is clear, concise and effective but it also needs to be accessible and convenient.

Shift is challenging in it of itself, and even more so when our “normal” self care practices are unavailable.

  • I used to get bi-monthly massages
  • I used to see my friends regularly for coffee and a laugh (sometimes a good cry!)
  • I used to hug people ALL DAY LONG!

I’ve maintained some self-care routines (gratitude journal!) and even adapted others to manage this season of unprecedented shift. But what I want to share today is a practice I call Breathe. Move. Rest.

Maybe you’ve heard me use this mantra to help calm and quiet anxiety or overwhelm. Maybe you’ve seem the phrase emblazened on my marketing materials. 🙂 The fact is, Breathe. Move. Rest. is my secret for living vibrantly and has proven time and time again to be the most powerful, most accessible practice for taking responsibility for myself-care routine.

Breathe. Move. Rest. is a digital class offering Wednesdays at 9:30am. It’s a 15-20 minute practice to breathe, move, and rest … simple, but brilliant!

Click HERE for a sample Breathe. Move. Rest. practice. If you want to #BeginAgain with your daily practice, register for this week’s digital broadcast. Even if you can’t attend in real time, I’ll send you the link to the recorded class so you can practice on your time, any time! I hope to “see” you in there!

I know, virtual yoga isn’t my favorite either, but it’s better than no yoga. Air hugs and face time are not ideal either, and yet they are better than not connecting.

Think of virtual yoga like we used to feel when we’d receive a personal letter in the mail. It was enough of a reminder of our connection and if felt great to receive love in the form of a letter. No question a card in the mail always brightens my day!