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Bring on the Sun!

Top 10 health benefits of sunlight

As I sat in the stylist chair getting my hair cut this past week, I was dumb-struck, literally speechless (Can you even imagine me speechless?), when the assistant said she repelled the sun and preferred the gray days of rain, fog and mist. WHAT?!?!

Although I am NOT a huge fan of humid, hot summers (which I’m sure will be here in no time), I LOVE the sun! As far as I’m concerned, cats have mastered the art of enjoying the sun: napping in the sun only to rise to relocate again where the sun beams land.

What does the SUN offer? It serves as a natural anti-bacterial agent, a source of vitamin D, and a symbol of transformation and power. Although the “RIGHT” answer as a wellness advocate might be “Vitamin D benefits”, what I truly love is the imagery and transformational power of the sun. I love the energy of bringing an idea into the light, digesting and processing raw data to find new applications, new solutions, new opportunities. I live for the process of transforming, even if it’s just one small step toward something new, maybe it’s transformation in as little as just a minute a day!

I learned once that the Vernal Equinox begins the gradual expansion of day light, increasing approximately 1 minute a day between Spring and the peak of Summer. It’s this idea that inspired my Spring 30-day Build Your Practice Challenge. The idea is to be with you through the challenge of developing, renewing, or deepening your daily practice so that you can SHOW UP every day radiant with the light within you! It’s like I’m the gardener tending to the rich soil that is you to help you BLOOM into your BEST SELF!!! If you’ve missed these mini-practices, take a look at FaceBook @Lifesworkyoga, or message me and I’ll share! Click HERE for the introductory video. Or if you want so personal guidance, that’s what Life’sWork Coaching is about. I get to be your personal gardener, while you learn the art of self-gardening, so that you can design, create and live your most beautiful life.

Back to Vitamin D… did you know Vitamin D is a crucial ingredient for overall health (of course you did, but do you know HOW?). Vitamin D protects against inflammation, lowers high blood pressure, helps muscles, improves brain function and may even protect against cancer. May I have a large serving of that, please! If you want to learn more about the benefits of sun and how to use it wisely, try Consumer Reports. All that’s well and good, but Sun burn is a real deterrent for my Irish fair and freckled skin! I could rarely enjoy a day outside and not get at least a little “pink”, even when I religiously re-applied 50-SPF sunscreen as directed! It seems when it comes to the Sun, the Middle Way is still the best option.

How do you MOST enjoy the benefits of the sun? Reply and let me know. I’d love to hear your sunny stories!

Whatever is on your agenda today. I hope you make space to enjoy the Sun, share your LIGHT, and CELEBRATE life!

May you breathe deeply, move freely, labor lovingly and live vibrantly.