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Begin Again

Begin Again

New Year, graduation celebrations, Mondays, and even daily attitude adjustments are ways of resetting and allowing ourselves to #beginagain. I begin again a lot! When we create an intentional pause, like these examples, we have an opportunity to define a moment and redefine our intentions around that moment. Hence, commencements are a beginning more than they are an ending.

When we integrate ritual into our milestone moments, we shift from the mundane and step into the sacred, the divine. Cultures all of the world have relied on rituals to memorialize, signify transformation, and serve as rites of passage. Rituals cultivate clarity for community and individuals regarding intention, attention, and action. Purposeful, intentional and deliberate actions based on common intentions restore wholeness to individuals and communities. Purposeful, intentional and deliberate actions promote alignment between our best selves and our daily living. I’m all for wholeness and alignment.

Partaking in rituals, both private and communal, gives us creative power to hear, honor and follow intuition and wisdom. For me, yoga is that ritual as a daily practice. With its three rituals of asana (shapes), pranayama (breathing) and meditation (mindfulness), yoga helps me breathe deeply, move freely (in my body and mind), labor lovingly and live vibrantly.

May you breathe deeply, move freely, labor lovingly and live vibrantly.